Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bathroom update: shower walls going up

Due to various circumstances Matt got less time to work in the bathroom this week but the progress he made the week before (floor, tub, walls) feels like it put us over a hump, like real progress is happening.  He spent a lot of time working on the plumbing which is now mostly done (I could post pictures of all the pipes in the basement but I'm guessing it wouldn't make much more sense to you as it does to me).  The vanity won't be installed until we are done mudding/sanding/painting the walls but it should be pretty easy.  Same with the shower controls and faucets, those won't go in until that wall is filled with insulation and then cement board hung.
plumbing ready for the sink
plumbing ready for shower

Matt has started hanging cement board around the shower.  The tile surround will go on this.  He worked on the shelf in the back of the shower and the shelf built between the studs. 

There is a piece of plywood over the tub for a better workspace.  
We are finally looking at a functional shower before too long.  It's been 4 weeks since we've showered in our own house so that shower really can't come soon enough!!  Here's what we're looking at to shower:

-finishing hanging cement board
-tile & grout
-put up shower curtain

That's it!!  Maybe with another week of work it'll happen.  It's really hard to believe we are almost to that point, huge step!!  Once the shower is done we have some more drywall to hang (about 6 inches between the first boards we hung and the ceiling) and then mudding & sanding forever.  Prime & paint.  Put toilet tank on and get it all hooked up (we'll get our diaper sprayer back!).  Install medicine cabinets, install vanity.  Figure out open shelves for over the toilet.  Done???  Compared to all the things Matt already has done these steps don't seem so bad, especially because I'll be able to help with mudding, sanding, and painting.

Still on track for our original end of July estimate.  I really think it's possible besides maybe some finishing touches!  It seems weird to think that someday this bathroom work will stop since it's been such a huge part of our lives for over a month and even the years earlier when we'd talk, plan, and dread it. 

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