Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things I Like - June

1) Our Fault in the Stars
This one isn't entirely original with the movie just coming out but I finally read it after hearing so many good things and it was pretty good.  And by that I mean I cried about the last 50 pages. Two teens meet in a cancer support group and fall in love.  I know, sounds cliche but it's still moving.  And it mostly takes place in Indianapolis so extra points for that.  I haven't seen the movie (but heard it's good).  I have this one on my birthday list for Matt to buy me (currently hanging out in our Amazon cart until we get $35 for free shipping).

2) These candle jars

I thought for once I'd have something not from Target...then I remembered these and yes, they are from Target.  I had been looking for glass jars for the bathroom (I'm thinking a little ahead to the decorating stage) but the ones in the bathroom department were around $10 each.  I got these in the Dollar Spot for $3.  I think I'm going to clip off the large handles but other than that they are basically what I had in mind, just much much cheaper.

3) Mini drumsticks
Yeah...I took this picture at midnight a few nights ago.  Then ate ice cream and went to bed.

So we eat ice cream many evenings after Luke is in bed.  Not every night now with the bathroom (but we are getting better about stopping early and getting a little relax time in) but still often.  I love these drumsticks because they are only 130-140ish calories each which makes them a perfect little treat.  I don't think I could eat a whole large drumstick much less stomach the 300+ calories.  I'm a big fan of these small ones.  Perfect size.

4) Simplicity Parenting

I've read a lot of good books lately, hard to narrow it down to just a few to share.  I haven't read many parenting books and am apt to just do it my way anyways but I really liked this one.  It's pretty much exactly what we've talked about when it comes to raising Luke - less stuff, less activities, more creative time, more unscheduled time, time to explore.  Keeping things simple so he can create and discover.  I've mentioned multiple times my simplifying obsession and this fits right in with how we are trying to live our lives.  Definitely my favorite parenting book I've read and one I really hope we can follow.

5) Oh Honey - "Be Okay"

One of my new favorite songs that I just heard this week and was quickly added to my summer playlist.   I bought it and the whole 4 song album on iTunes and it's been in heavy rotation the last few days.
Can’t complain about much these days
I believe we’ll be okay
Perfect. =)

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