Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reasons why the drive-in is awesome (and you should go)

After lake trips going to the drive-in has long been a favorite summer activity for Matt and I.  We don't go as often since Luke but still aim for once a month.  In the 3 years before Luke we went a total of 24 times.  We're big fans.  However, I talk to many people who, *gasp*, have never been.  According to this site there are just 357 drive-in remaining in the US, down from thousands.  We are lucky to have 4 within about an hour from our house and we have been to them all (3 different states even!).  We would hate to see any of them close (one is currently for sale) so I'm going to convince you go try one out.  I don't know anyone who has been and dislikes it. 
Why Drive-Ins are Awesome and You Should Go:
1) the price
When Matt first starting taking me to the drive-in it was $5 each.  The price has slowly climbed to $8 each but that's still a pretty good bargain for one movie compared to inside theaters (how much are they? $9??) AND you get TWO movies at the drive-in.  It's not always two good ones.  We've occasionally we've left at intermission or napped during the first to watch the second but sometimes you are lucky with two movies you actually want to see. And all our drive-ins show first run movies.  You really can't beat the price for seeing a movie at a theater. 

2) sunsets
My second favorite place (after the lake) to watch summer sunsets.  I believe this speaks for itself: 

You don't get that sitting inside. 

3) comfort
If we go to a real theater I at least have to wear jeans.  At the drive-in I can wear my lazy clothes; it's way more comfortable.  We either sit in our car (if it's raining or cold) or in our camp chairs out front.  Or if we're lucky and don't have Luke/a carseat to deal with, like this:

Either way I'm getting cozy.  You just can't get as comfortable in a theater seat.  Even the ones that are supposed to be super nice annoy me because they push my head forward weird.  At the drive-in we provide our seats and make them as comfortable as possible.  Ever been in a theater in wish you had a blanket because the AC was so cold?  Yeah, at the drive-in you can bring a blanket and not look like a weirdo.  It's like watching a movie at home but newer movies and a bigger screen.

4) being outside
You know what's nice about summer?  Being outside.  Eating outside, playing outside, walks and bike rides.  When spring weather appears who doesn't want to spend all their time outdoors?  At the drive-in you can watch a movie while still enjoying the great outdoors.  Even Tom Hanks agrees:
All movies are a bit more fabulous when viewed outside, be it at a drive-in, town square, or with the screen set up on the back porch.
Tom Hanks: "My Summer Must List", EW 5/27/2011

Watching a movie outside can take it from ehhh to good to good to awesome.  There are only a few movies that can't be improved by watching them outside under the stars.  (One of these was Hop, probably the worst movie we've ever seen at the drive-in.  Abduction was also pretty bad.  But those were beyond the drive-in saving.) 

5) atmosphere
There is just something magical about the drive-in.  Outside, summer evenings, lot of people all waiting for the movies to start.  Kids playing, people are happy to be there.  You don't expect silence like at an indoor theater and it's fun to watch movies with others.  It's casual.  It's summer.
Waiting for Captain America: The First Avenger and the third Transformers at the Huntington Drive-in, during our summer of drive-in trips in 2011 (3 trips in 15 days....)

6) supporting local business
I don't know of any drive-in chains.  From what I know all the ones we visit are family owned.  Who doesn't prefer supporting local business when it's a viable option? (I know Hollywood gets a lot of the profits but not as much as an indoor theater!).

I could mention taking your own food but drive-in make most of their money from concessions so that's discouraged.  We usually buy a Mountain Dew to share (for the caffeine to stay awake) and a popcorn for $6 or something.  Most drive-ins do a raffle drawing at intermission (we've won a free pop & popcorn once and it was awesome).  You can also take babies & young kids without evil glares from fellow theater goers. Luke has been 6 times and he's 16 months old, if that's more than you then you really need to get yourself to a drive-in. 

If you are in our area here are the 4 that are close-ish.
Auburn-Garrett Drive-In (our favorite and most frequent)
Huntington Drive-In
Capri Drive-In
Van-Del Drive-In

I hope you will consider visiting a drive-in before the summer is over.  Do it.  You won't regret it.

happy to be at the drive-in together!


Monica said...

It's so funny that you posted this today! We are going to a Drive-In tonight! It'll be our first time taking both kids! We're excited. I'm not super excited about the movies playing (both are cartoon sequels) but the time together will be fun!

diana said...

How weird! I hope you had a good time!!