Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Small bathroom update

A few weeks ago I posted that I had hoped to do a full bathroom reveal soon. ........ Well we are still working on it.  Turns out our motivation almost completely disappeared once the vanity went in more than 2 weeks ago.  We've still be working on it almost nightly but it's much slower (as in, less insane).  It is fully functional and we are down to just the following:

-finish transition from the landing carpet to the stone bathroom floor (Matt's working on)
-build shelves over the toilet (hope to be done by the end of the weekend)
-finish the laundry chute & small cupboard under the shower shelf
-tile back splash around the sink
-finish cleaning up the basement (major progress on that this week, Matt just needs to sort through tools and all the extra supplies)
-finish cleaning the garage

A few things that are currently in the bathroom:

As it is, I love it.  We've both said we don't ever want to leave this house now because we never want to leave the bathroom.  =)


Jen said...

I love that sink faucet. I've been wanting it for our half bath.

Lauren said...

Teaser shots!!!! I hope we can come drool over your bathroom next week!

diana said...

Jen - Matt gets the credit for those but they look great!
Lauren - hopefully!! I am still amazed every time I see it!