Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Putting the finishing touches on the bathroom

Despite the general crapiness of the bathroom project there were a lot of exciting moments, like having a working toilet, using the shower for the first (and second, and third, etc.) time, brushing our teeth in there after 2 months, getting to organize the vanity and medicine cupboards.  I was really excited about that last one, really all of them, but that last one was a different kind of exciting.

When I last wrote about the bathroom a month ago we were down to just a few to-dos.  With everything else that had been done in there it seemed like it would be nothing to check off those last few things.   Well, you kinda lose motivation after hundreds of hours of work but we have checked off a few things.  Matt removed the door, completely sanded it down and repainted it.  The laundry chute still doesn't have a door but it's also super out of the way so not a big deal.

I've been working on filling the shelves which I have found incredibly fun.  While supervising Luke's bath time I frequently am moving things around centimeters here and there.  Matt calls this crazy, I call it fun.  I have finally settled on an arrangement I am happy with (for now, certainly subject to change). 

This is a hard place to photograph with the vanity lights reflecting, plus it's a super small space.  Unlike most of my little decorating rearranging, most of these items were bought specifically for the bathroom.  Prior to this project we owned the rolled white towels, the clock radio, the white frame on the bottom shelf (with a new picture), and the blue jar of cotton balls on the toilet.  The rest of the items came from Target (duh), Jo-Anns, TJ Maxx, Lowes, and Hobby Lobby.  Oh and Walmart for the candle in the blue/green lantern and the rock on the bottom shelf we picked up in Michigan.  And the ginger ale bottle originally contained ginger ale from our local meat market.

It's a mix of blue green, white, and grey with a lot of beachy items, but a sophisticated beachy.  A friend described it as "very Young House Love" which I took as a huge compliment. 

We also hung some IKEA frames to the left of the vanity.  While getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night a few weeks ago (I think I have some of my best ideas while half asleep), I decided I wanted to hang some of our vacation sunrise/sunset pictures there but it took me awhile to decide exactly what kinda of frames I wanted to use.  Narrowing it down to just 6 from our 1200+ options (seriously, we have that many sunrise or sunset pictures) took a little time.  There are 3 from the lake, 2 from Maui, and one from our Michigan trip.

Beautiful sites to see first things in the morning. 
While hanging these frames, we also added one to the exact other side of the wall, in the stairs.  Formerly it was just Luke's picture but now we added our free picture from the church directory.

These are also the walls that I wrote on when doing our stair project and the bathroom, as directly back to back as I could figure. 

Crazy to think how many years it could be before anyone sees those again.

So, another part of the bathroom project is done, and just in time for my invalid period to start!  It was a really busy few weeks leading up to surgery but also so nice to finish up many little projects.  And so so nice to be at the tail end of the bathroom work.  I am still amazed at what Matt accomplished in there.


Anonymous said...

Now I want a Broylens Ginger Ale.

Erin Heckber said...

Love it!! I should jave looked at it when I was over briefly this week! How dare you give me another blog to check out! I am already getting behind on my reading as it is. I never thought that your bathroom could look so big! (Or should I say have a better use of space?)

Love it!!

diana said...

M - You'll just need to visit then! =)

E - Oh yes! I like to show off the bathroom but most people aren't as excited about the decorating stuff as I am. YHL is on a break right now but they were one of my favorites!! Thank you!