Monday, November 3, 2014

Looking back at October

1) Luke and his puppy, wearing capes.  Luke will bring me the blankets saying "cape" or drape it around his shoulders when he wants one.  It's adorable. 
2) Fall morning glories, never know when they are going to be gone so I appreciate them a lot when they show up!
3) Celebrated Matt's birthday, in part, with a trip to the park for all.  Luke loved being outside.  I did too.
4) Trip to the park was followed by a trip to Target (Matt's idea, not mine).  My second trip on crutches and this time I got to use a regular wheelchair, not one of the really embarassing and hard to use electric ones.  Luke did not stay on my lap for long.
5) Celebrating Matt's birthday at home with ice cream cake.  Luke now calls all ice cream, cupcakes, and candles "happy!".  He's pretty right there.  It's also adorable.
6) Luke came down with a flu bug (me too) which led to him napping on the middle of the floor in the middle of the day.  It was so precious even though he was so miserable.
7) Visiting my Grandpa with Mom and Luke.  We always play Triominos.  Hundreds of games have been played around this table with various family members.
8) Beautiful fall folliage.  I think I was extra impressed by it this year since I didn't see it often!
9) It is very rare that the tv is on while Luke is awake.  This Sunday I had intended to watch part of the Colts game but turned on the tv after it was over.  Luke was very fascinated by it though.  I don't think he realized the black box did anything!
10) More fall folliage on a walk to the library.  I really was a little obsessed this year.
11) A trip to the nearby playground for all!  Matt often took Luke in the evenings but this was my only time going while on crutches.  Amazing how much my little boy had grown up while I was laid up!
12) Luke hanging out with his cell phone on his turtle.  That's the turtle we bought him in NYC, the day we found out about him.  He likes to use it as a pillow.
13) Somebody finally figured out how to reach the doorbell on his own and he was so proud!
14) First time wearing two shoes in 6+ weeks.  Notice the crutches too.  I was on my way to the basement to workout but still needed crutches to get there.  Day after I was given permission to walk.
15) Luke trying on all his snow gear.  He's ready to go!
16) My little dinosaur for Halloween.  We had miserable weather here on Halloween (snow?!?!) but we still went trick or treating at a few family members' houses.  Luke had fun.  We stayed warmish. 

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