Monday, January 5, 2015

Looking back at December and Christmas!

1) Luke & lemur = bffs.
2) Happy boy eating breakfast.  He loves his cereal in the mornings.
3) Christmas tree all decked out.  The bottom half got a lot of redecorating help from Luke, all month.
4) St. Nick came!  Luke didn't understand why Yoda was in his shoe but he was excited about it.
5) Little man getting some cabin fever and very heavily suggesting a walk with Daddy.
6) For about 3 weeks we had all of mine and my sisters' Legos at our house so we could sort through them and build all my sets.  We spent many lovely weekend nights playing with Legos together while watching movies and consuming rum & cokes and homemade chex mix.  It was wonderful
7) My favorite set - Poolside Paradise complete with a pink spiral staircase.  Shockingly, Matt never had one of those.
8) Luke requested lemur and a blanket on the couch.  He knows how to survive winter.
9) Luke wanted to sit on the couch and read.  Good idea!
10) He LOVES wearing his hat and making pretty much anything he can put on his head a hat.  It's all kinds of adorable.
11) Throwing pennies ("monies") into the mall fountain is pretty much the best thing ever.
12) Wrapping Christmas presents and watching The Holidays during a Saturday nap time.  Perfect.
13) Boxing Day and we went to the park because it was 50° outside.  Incredible.
14) Pretty sunset from our backyard a few days after Christmas.
15) One last family picture for the year!  I love it.
16) Our New Years Eve once Luke was asleep.  A movie, Wii, sparkley hats (duh), and sherbet mimosas.  It was a pretty great end to 2014 and start of 2015.

Christmas bonus:
1) Our little man all dressed up for Christmas Eve party and Mass.  Didn't realize until typing this that lemur made 3 pictures in this post...
2) Our family on Christmas morning!  We got to be home until after naptime and it was wonderful!  We had a special breakfast, opened presents, played with Luke's toys, and hung out.  I LOVE that we now get to make traditions with Luke!
3) We got Luke some Duplos and he likes them!  Obviously we're big fans of Legos and this is the first step.  Matt and I also had fun playing with these.
4) We also got Luke a drill that works.  He loves Daddy's drills and now this one gets a lot of play.
5) Playing with his Duplos on Christmas or the next day.  It's worth the mess for how much he likes them.
6) Luke and I celebrating Christmas with my family a few days later.  He was happier about it than he appears.

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