Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 things that help us survive winter

I'm pretty much always cold.  I have the body heat issues of a newborn baby or a Grandma (actually, my Grandma might be the only person I've ever known who was consistently colder than me).  I like winter but it takes some coping to deal with the cold.  My favorite ways to not freeze (although, to be honest, my fingers are cold as I type this):

1) Heated mattress pad
Oh baby, this thing is amazing.  Before Luke, when the heat was set to 60° at night, we'd leave it on low all night.  Now we keep the house warmer since he's doesn't stay under his blanket.  I don't leave the heater on all night but we turn it on (high) when we are putting Luke down and then our bed is nice and warm by the time we get in a few hours later.  I turn it off before I turn off my light.  It's so wonderful not getting into a cold bed every night.  In bed under the covers, working out, and showering are about the only times my toes aren't cold all winter.

2)  Heated lap blanket

I first mentioned this amazingness a few years ago.  It's still amazing.  It doesn't get as much use as it did back then (something about an active toddler keeping us from lounging around all winter) but it's still awesome.  My favorite way to warm up is with this blanket on high and then another blanket on top to insulate.  It's the fastest way to thaw out after a cold day.  Now we mostly use it on the porch while watching the snow.  I know.  Adorable.

 3) Fleece lined leggings

I cannot talk these up enough.  They are amazing.  I am wearing this exact pair right now.  One day recently it was "warm" (40°) and I thought I could go without my leggings under my pants.  Nope.  I need them.  I will stop about April.

4) Sweats

Ok, I know it's a cliche, stay at home moms in yoga pants.  I know.  And I started the winter all gung-ho to wear "real" clothes every day.  Then...I got a little lazy.  Sometime after Christmas all my motivation disappeared and I'm back in my comfy clothes pretty much all the time unless we have immediate plans to leave the house.  Leggings, Catalina Island yoga pants, two pairs of socks, old knock-off Uggs from Target, and some layers on top (it's not ALWAYS a hoodie).  This is what I wear on days we're home all day.  This is what I change into after running errands or going to work (which usually just means a change on the bottom half).  This is what I wear to the library every single week (the only place I'll really go in yoga pants, it's acceptable since we just walk there).  This is how I survive winter.  One day recently I actually left my jeans on all day after working and asked Matt before bed if he was impressed I wore real clothes all day.  He said he didn't even notice.  The next day it was back to yoga pants.

5) Leaving the house as little as possible
This is what makes me now love winter.  When I had to drive in winter weather every weekday I hated winter.  Hated it.  Forced driving in the snow stresses me out.  Being at work all day when snow was falling (which I couldn't see from my desk but could if I got up to go to the printer or the bathroom) stressed me out.  Now that I generally only HAVE to leave my house twice a week? (church and work)  I really like winter!  I can plan my errand running around the weather and playdates are generally canceled in a blizzard.  I can stay home where I don't have to stress about the street condition or wait for the car to warm up.  It's really the best way to enjoy winter.  Home, with my baby (my poor husband actually has to leave the house most days), playtime, reading, warm beverages, etc.  Then when I leave the house (because we all know I can't stay away from Target for too long) I can marvel in the fresh air, sunshine, and how the roads really aren't too bad.  I highly recommend this.

What about you?  Winter survival strategies? Hibernating? Quiting your job/school/commitments to stay home? Judging SAHMs for wearing sweats?  Secretly just jealous?

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