Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Looking back at February

February was a quick month, which, I know, it's the shortest but it just went by really quick. When I was going through pictures for this post I found ones I thought were just taken a weekish ago but really it was more like 3. 

1) Porch cuddle time with my baby while watching our big superblizzard (you know, like the Superbowl since it happened on the same day).  Luke LOVES watching the snow on the porch with blankets.  When we point out it's snowing he'll grab blankets and run to the porch door.
2) Looking outside during the storm.  The neighbor's flag was a small pop of color in the otherwise very white view.
3) Luke and I walked to the mailbox 1/2 block away 2 days after the storm, the first time either of us had left the house in over 60 hours.  He was very happy to be outside.
4) My annual Kool-aid cookie baking.  They are delicious.
5) A 50 cent flower from Aldis which I haven't managed to kill yet!  Nice little bit of spring indoors.
6) An NSync dance party to Space Cowboy while watching my sister's kids.  Notice mine is the only one not dancing (he'll learn). 
7) Obviously one needs two pairs of sunglasses on a cloudy February day.
8) Luke's first snowman!  He was very proud of it even if Daddy did all the work.
9) A beautiful sunset when walking out of church one Saturday evening.  Perfect timing.
10) My happy boy playing with his Duplos first thing in the morning. 
11) A happy boy again when getting him up from his nap.  This kid is just too cute.
12) Keeping himself temporiarily occupied while I browsed kid books at Half Priced Books.  In between pulling labels off the shelves and trying to wear them on his coat.
13) Luke likes accessorizing.  My New Years Eve hat and scarf (he loves scarfs).
14) Another beautiful sunset when walking out of church.  I love that the sunset times are currently matching up with getting out of Mass.
15) Luke got himself stuck in a toy basket and was fussing about it until I cracked up and then he did too.  I took a picture and then got him out. Parenting priorities.
16) Luke and I had a long day in the car last Saturday, going to Indy for a board meeting for a non-profit I work with.  Two of my sisters graciously watched him, giving Matt 8 hours of uninterrupted work at home (I'm amazed at what he got done!).  This boy was a great traveler, no crying, lots of keeping himself busy.  Much better than our last long car ride!  And he loved seeing aunts and a cousin he hadn't seen since Christmas!

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