Thursday, February 26, 2015

Things I Like - February

1. Merona Satchel 

I don't think I buy many purses.   I don't own many purses.  Then I realized this is the 4th purse I have posted about here, 3 of them Merona Satchels from Target (two years ago and last year).  I clearly have a type.  To be fair, every purse I've purchased/received in the last 5 years has been posted about here and I have greatly reduced the number I own.  And this one is just beautiful.  I originally bought it in "butternut" last December on super sale but I never used it, never even took the tags off.  Then a few weeks ago I found this one and my eyes did that thing in cartoon when they turn to hearts and pop out of the characters' heads.  I watched/stalked sales for awhile or waited for it to appear in the store.  Then it did.  And I was able to essentially exchange by butternut one for this beautiful blue one.  I was super excited that that worked (being friendly with the return desk people on a pretty much weekly basis paid off).  I have yet to use this one because I don't want the snow/salt/current mess outside to get my beautiful new purse dirty.  But I will soon and it'll be exciting.

2. Flamingo print shirt

I cannot find this shirt on Target's website but I did buy it in the store a few weeks ago.  I was in the clothes section looking for a different shirt (I rarely just browse there) and stumbled across this one, with a flamingo print.  I'm a fan of other short sleeved Target t-shirts and also of flamingos.  Plus it was on sale and I had a Cartwheel 40% off.  Less than $6 flamingo shirt? Sold.  I'm excited to wear it when the weather starts being appropriate for such things.

3. 4. 5. Catholic Blogs
Appropriate for Lent, right?  These are various blogs I've stumbled on over the last year or so and they can be inspiration, inspiring, or funny.

Held by His Pierced Hands - Run by a 20something woman who travels around ministering and inspiring and I'm not sure what all but she posts often about tough things that make me think.  I really like her 100 Things to Do for Lent and Your Screaming Kids are Distracting Me.

Mama Needs Coffee - A mother of 4 (#5 on the way) posting about more Catholic family issues.  I found her during her "Catholics Do What?" series last fall about understanding the Catholic Church's teachings on Sex and Marriage.  I went to Catholic school for 16 years but still learned a lot. 

Camp Patton - This one isn't so much a Catholic blog as a blog by a Catholic (which I only really found out through some poking around)  She's another mother of 4 with #5 on the way (is this the year of #5 babies?  Along with my sister who is expecting #5 and SIL who just had her 5th this week).  Plus, she's pretty hilarious writing about her kids and dealing with her husband's doctor learning schedule, etc.

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