Friday, May 15, 2015

Cloth diapering - two years in

We are now two full years into the cloth diapering experience (would it surprise anyone if I admitted I have an NSync reason for knowing the exact day Luke first wore a cloth diaper? No.  Ok.).  I still like them 90% of the time, as much as one can like diapering.  The 10% I don't like them is when I have to spray out a really gross diaper.  It's not my favorite parenting task but dealing with a fit throwing toddler is worse.  Dealing with a fit throwing toddler in public is the worst.  (Maybe, we haven't really gotten into potty training yet.)

I've talked about cloth diapering a few times on here before.  Here's my original post, then an update 6 months later, and then 1 year of cloth diapering costs

A year ago I posted that we had spent $427.33 on one year of cloth diapers, which included our cloth diapers and any disposables we bought.  I thought that was pretty good.  We had been told to expect to spend about $500 a year on disposables and we were under that even with the $300 initial investment in cloth.

Now we are at year two and the beginning of potty training (I'll take any hints and tricks on that!).  Luke's still in diapers 99% of the time (the 1% being bathtime and when he's getting changed) and we usually go through 8 disposables a week - one each night and usually one while I am working (it's easier on most sitters).  Our year two totals: $57.95

That brings our total for two years of cloth diapering to $485.28.  Still under the $500 mark for one year.  Plus we have a nice stash of cloth diapers that Luke can continue to use and we'll have for any future kids.  (And we could even sell our original 12 at about our cost since the company changed their design and these seem to be pretty sought after.)  Our disposable diaper expense will go up soon with lake season but we still have a decent stash to get us through a few weekends up there.

It kinda blows my mind how cheap this has been.  I didn't include any wipes or ointments, we've certainly spent money on those too but not that much.  We haven't bought too many ointments and are still using both of the initial cloth diaper ones I bought two years ago. We haven't even bought disposables since October and we don't really have to worry about stocking up on them. 

Besides the money savings, I really like the green-ness of cloth diapers.  I love that we aren't throwing that many diapers in the landfill to sit forever.  I'm really trying to change a lot of our disposable items to reusables and cloth diapers fit right in.  For as much as we debated about going cloth in the beginning, I'm really glad we did.  I think even if we hadn't initially, at some point in the last two years we would have converted.  We are saving money and doing a little bit to help save the planet.

Overall, this whole experience has been a win-win-win.  I'd highly recommend.  And glad to answer any questions!!  My other cloth diapering sister and I spend a surprising amount of time talking about them and how much we like them.  Exciting conversationalists, I know. 

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