Monday, May 18, 2015

Mixed Drink Monday: Strawberry Coconut smoothie

I don't know if I'm more relieved to be done with that carton of coconut/almond milk so I don't have to taste it ever again or if you should be for not having to read me complaining about it.  Lesson learned.  Although pretty sure we will be trying regular coconut milk later this summer.  We had a good one this week.  

Strawberry Coconut Smoothie
serves: one thirsty adult or one adult & one child

-~ 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries
-10 ounces coconut water
-1 TB honey

Put in a blender and blend until smooth.

My Thoughts:
This was a very light drink (notice the few ingredients) and, without yogurt or milk, the consistency was closer to that of a frozen coke than a smoothie (That is not a bad thing.  I love frozen cokes.).   The taste was good and it's pretty much 100% healthy.  I wouldn't have minded adding some rum, and by the way Luke was acting this morning it might have helped a few things.  I might try that later this summer for a lighter mixed drink.  All in all, this was a simple one but satisfying.  Very similar to the Raspberry Coconut one here so I might also try the reverse of each of these too (basically adding yogurt to the strawberry one and taking it out of the raspberry one.  I'm a creative person, obviously.)  Great summer cool down treat. 


In the summer I aim to make a new drink every week and share them all here, good or bad!  See them all in chronological order by following the "Mixed Drink Monday" tag here or check out my favorites by scrolling down to "Mixed Drink Monday" on my recipes page!

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