Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Five: SUMMER

Summer is here!  According to the calendar, not the weather outside (high of 66° today!).  I've come to appreciate all the seasons but there is still something so carefree about the start of summer. 

My list from last year all still applies this year (besides our vacation destination changing) but this is even more things.  And obviously the lake had to be included again.

1) Sun Tea
I watch the weather close when I start running out of Sun Tea and will make another batch on my first chance at a sunny day.  I'm not a coffee drinker so this is my afternoon pick-me-up when I start feeling ready for a nap as soon as Luke wakes up from him.  It also just feels so summery, lighter than pop, and perfect for front porch sitting.  It's also super easy and cheap to make a batch that can last me a good week. 

2) Bike Rides 
We start these as soon as the weather gets warm enough.  Perfect way to get out of the house on a warm spring or summer evening, gives Matt & I a bonus workout, and Luke loves it.  We usually get on a trail and ride downtown, checking out the parks and flowers.  I'm much better at navigating downtown now that we ride down there so often!

3) Patio Dining
Before we were parents to a toddler we weren't real good about actually eating on our patio.  Now, with a messy toddler, we've realized how much easier it is to feed him outside and have much less of a mess to clean-up afterwards.  We eat supper outside almost every chance we get (as long as it's warm and dry enough).  There is just something better about eating outside.  BBQ Fridays are our favorite.  We're going about 6 weeks strong on that one! (That's what's pictured.  Pop, much less bottled, is definitely an occasional treat!)

4) Poolside reading, light reading, pooltime
I'm not even sure what I like best about this picture but it's a lot of summery things.  A light summery book, flip-flops, Luke's pool, knowing I was reading with my feet in his pool while he splashed right before I took this...  I love our lazy afternoons around the "pool", maybe even more than Luke does.  Nowhere near warm enough for this yet but definitely looking forward to it!  So easy!  And stay-at-home-parenting at its finest!

5) The Lake
I mean, any summer list has to include this.  I don't know who in our family is most excited to actually get the jet ski on the water.  No wait, I do.  It's Luke.  Although I am super excited to have it out of our garage for a few months!  Lake trips with a toddler aren't as relaxing as they were in our pre-parenting days but they are still wonderful.  Luke's been talking about splashing in the water, riding the jet ski, eating popcorn, and eating donuts ON the jet ski (no idea where that last one came from) for weeks.  I may encourage this.  First lake trip means summer has finally arrived.

There are lot more things I could add to my list but these are the ones I am most excited about/looking forward to at the moment!  Even though I'm in jeans and a sweatshirt and can barely feel my toes.  Anything important I left out???  What makes you most excited for this warm & wonderful time of year!  (Not to be confused with the cold & wonderful time of year of the holiday season.)

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