Friday, June 5, 2015

Looking back at May

I feel like it should still be April....

1) Bike ride downtown in early May.  Our little cutie pie.
2) Tulips might be my favorite flower, or at least one of my favorites (up there with morning glories).  Matt and Luke thought I took too many pictures of the tulips downtown.  I disagree.
3) I was taking pictures of something else, maybe blog related, but Luke thought that since I had the camera out I should be taking pictures of him.  He's usually right.
4) Rainy evening for our annual drive-in anniversary trip but still a fun date night AND the first night either of us spent away from Luke since bringing him home (Thanks, Mom & Dad!).
5) My not so happy boy past bedtime on Mother's Day.  Love my little guy.
6) Luke "working muscles" at "cizes" (exercises = physical therapy).  He says he's "strong" now. 
7) Matt & I on our 9th anniversary!  Crazy we're into our 10th year of marriage!  Aren't I still 25??
8) Luke LOVES swinging.  Loves it.  We went to the park for a picnic with a few of my sisters and it's all he wanted to do.
9) Settling down for a nap with a pile of stuffed animals and blanket, even when it's 80° outside.
10) Our first lake trip of the year!  Luke was a fan.
11) Luke doing what Mommy usually does first thing - watching the sunset (I was cleaning instead this night, first ones up of the needed it).
12) Sunset at the lake.  My favorite spot to see it.
13) Our first jet ski ride of the year!  Luke had been waiting 8 months for this!
14) It seems like we got a lot of rain at the end of May.  Luke tries to sing "Rain, rain, go away" but really it's just "rain. rain. rain. rain.".  Here he was showing Puppy the rain.
15) The after effects of the rain in his (closed!) sandbox.  He was pretty happy about the mess.  Mom was less so.
16) Early morning train of his trucks.  I needed/wanted to shower but he kept insisted "Mommy play trucks".  So I did.  

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