Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Looking back at June

2015 is half over.  Just thought I would point that out.

1) Luke taking after Mom and enjoying some porch reading time.  We did a lot of that with all the rain!
2) Hanging out with cousins during the garage sale!  Luke still talks about how he got lemonade from his cousins' stand during the sale (he got VERY good at helping himself). 
3) At said garage sale, playing in the mulch like it was a sand box.  At that point it was whatever kept him content.
4) Being a pirate at our church festival.  As one is.
5) Sunset at the lake.  My favorite spot to watch it.
6) Mom & Luke at the lake on an early morning walk. 
7) Our first zoo trip of the year!  Luke was pretty content to sit in his stroller while friends ran all over.  He did like the giraffes though.  They got close!
8) Rare date night for Matt & I at the drive-in!  It was raining when we got there but by the time the movies started we were able to sit outside.  It's makes the experience much better!
9) Family picture at my cousin's wedding.  A family picture not at the lake is rare in the summer.
10) Luke checking out the globe at the downtown library.  He likes pointing to it and saying aunt Ang was there (wherever he happened to point). 
11) Doing his horsey impression downtown at a statue of Anthony Wayne.  Luke really wanted to ride the big horsey.
12) Doing "sparklers at lake" with Dad!  He didn't want to hold them but loved when Matt did!
13) Sunset at the lake.  Amazing.
14) Trying out the sprinkler for the first time!  It took him awhile to warm up to it but then had fun with it.  MUCH easier than setting up the pool when it's one random hot day between lots of rain!
15) Family picture at the lake, on a boat ride instead of the jet ski.  There's a big difference.
16) I managed to keep it to just one family jet ski picture.  You are welcome. 

June had a family wedding, a drive-in trip, 3 lake trips, many family bike rides, church festival, garage sale, and lots of yard work.  Busy month.  I love summer!!

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