Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Attacking the Problem Areas: Painting inside the kitchen dish cupboard

Yep, I knew it would happen and I finally found some time.  We're now up to three painted kitchen cabinets and I have mentally planned how I'm going to finish all the upper ones by the end of the year.  It's been over a year since I started this crazy project of painting the inside of our cabinets and cupboard.  First was our cleaning cupboard in the kitchen.  Then the coat closet and cupboards in my office.  Then our dishes cabinet.  Now this one.  The first few were all painted a weird mustard yellow that we haven't really seen anywhere else in the house.  These kitchen cabinets (besides the cleaning one) are all wood/particle board with really old contact paper on the bottoms.  I've done enough of these to know what a difference fresh, white paint can make so I'm more than willing to put in the time to get them done.

I realize if you are much busier than me (work full-time, have more kids, etc.) that this seems like a pretty frivolous way to spend my time.  I get that.  If I was still working there is a good chance these would never happen (seeing as they didn't in the 7 years I lived here, working, before Luke).  BUT...I spend a lot of time at home these days (although lately it doesn't feel like much!) and I enjoy doing what little, free, things I can to fix it up.  Plus, the motivation to purge more things is always wonderful.  Our last garage sale was just a few weeks ago and I already have a new box going.

The longest part of this project may have been scraping off all the old contact paper.  When working on this cabinet I found some evidence of a layer on contact paper on top of this yellow one.  I still think this lovely yellow speckle is from the 50s/60s just because of it's look.  No matter what, it's been on there a few decades.
Please excuse the shadow of my arm.  It's very hard to avoid in our kitchen.
It probably took about 2.5 hours to get the contact paper off the 4 shelves.  Then a quick wipe down and onto the priming.  The first coat is always a little discouraging because it always looks like crap, maybe worse than before.

Another coat of primer, 2 more coats of paint, and a few days later and we were left with this:

It's always so exciting to see this come together and see what a difference the hours made.  Painting was about 30 minutes a coat and then my favorite part: relining the shelves and putting things back.  Even if I remember where everything was, I try to rethink where things should go based on how often they are used (and a little about how they will look).  The Pyrex we use most often is on the bottom, the serving dishes we use less are at the top. 

Scored this vintage pyrex from my Mom during our garage sale.  I haven't used it yet but even just the look of it is great.
I didn't take any before pictures of the upper cabinet but that one got some paint too.  It's mostly my larger plastic storage and some extra freezing things.  I have to stand on a chair (or the oven) to get to it so it's not the things we are reaching for constantly. 

Somewhat shocking to have a popsicle mold not in use.  We've made A LOT of popsicles this summer.

What's the take away from this posts other than "look at what I did!"?  I'm motivated by seeing a good before and after and that is what keeps me going on this little (but big change!) projects.  I also cannot believe that, no matter how many times I go through a cupboard, there is something about emptying it out, getting it all fresh and white, and having to put things back that majorly inspires some purging.  Things that were ok to sit in a dark cabinet somehow don't fit in the pretty white ones.  Try it.  It works.

And a good before and after.  I'm still amazed every time I open the done cabinets.  Then I open the undone ones and am extra motivated to get to them!

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