Thursday, July 23, 2015

ICOTW: Fruit Coconut Pops

Before this summer I could probably count on one hand (maybe 2 fingers) the number of times I made popsicles in my life.  In fact, the molds I'm using here came from my parents' house and I remember using them about once my whole childhood.  Now with a hungry toddler, I feel like I am making popsicles at least once a week.  We currently have 4 different homemade versions in the freezer (this one as well as these, these, and these).  I will probably be making popsicles until it's too cold to enjoy them outside (where Luke is pretty much forced to eat them...two year olds aren't the neatest of eaters).

Fruit Coconut Pops
serves: really varies, we made 7
-coconut water
-various fresh or frozen fruit of your choice!

Clean, hull, and cut fruit to bite sized pieces, as needed.  Layer in popsicle molds.  Top off with Coconut water.  Freeze until solid!

Our Thoughts
Oh there are many things I loved about these.  Starting with how customizable they are, how easy they are to make, that they only require one specific ingredient.  We used a banana about ready for banana bread, a kiwi that had been in the drawer awhile, some frozen blueberries, and a few fresh strawberries (you really don't need much fruit!).  I had hoped to throw in some frozen peaches and pineapple too but we just ran out of room!  I love that I could make these in about any color combination (like strawberries and blueberries for the 4th).  I was really excited about these.

Luke (the person who actually ate it) was less enthused than me.  Turns out he no longer likes kiwi (he did at one point...) and really just wanted the frozen fruit.  He was picking out the blueberries pretty quick.  BUT he did eat the whole thing other than the drips that fell on the steps and the kiwis that he "gave to birdies" (i.e. threw in the grass).   Whatever.  I'm going to keep making them for him as needed.  He gets a cold treat.  I get more fruit in him.  Win win.

Source: The Nerd's Wife

In the summer I aim to make a different homemade ice cream each week and report back here, good or bad!  I call it "Ice Cream of the Week".  You can follow the "ICOTW" tag to see them all chronologically or go to my "Recipes" page and scroll down to the "Ice Cream/Frozen Things" section for my favorites!

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