Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Looking back at August

September means fall is close but still hoping for a few more weeks of summer!!  We've been packing in the summer activities these last few weeks, trying to make the most of it before it's done for another 8 months!

1) Luke's first trip to the county fair!  Between my parents buying rides and snacks and some strangers giving away ride passes before they left, AND getting there right after they stopped collecting admission fees (it was the last day), we had a completely free and fun afternoon in the heat with much of my family.  Luke and I rode 2 rides and Dad was able to join us on the second.  Had an elephant ear, looked at exhibits, and checked out animals.  With 11 years in 4-H I've spent many many hours at the fair and it was fun to share that with Luke!
2) Enjoying a sunny afternoon outside, working on the bike riding.
3) A zoo trip with my sister and most of her brood.  I love that Luke loves sharing his favorite things with lemur!
4) A beautiful evening for a downtown bike ride.
5) Have to include at least one family jet ski picture.
6) Sparklers at the lake beach at sunset with popcorn.  New tradition.  It's wonderful.
7) Family at sparkler/beach/popcorn time!
8) We've had some pretty great lake weather with last couple trips, spent a lot of time in the water!  Luke and I hanging out at the sandbar.
9) Matt found this froggie floatie when going through the attic and Luke LOVED it.  He was walking all over the swim area in that thing (which made me very nervous!).
10) Happy boy on his jet ski.  Maybe his favorite place in the world.
11) Luke calls Old Navy the doggie store. He wanted a picture with the doggie on this trip and was telling him to "cheese doggie, say cheese!".
12) Practicing burying his feet in the sand ahead of our beach trip!
13) Pretty new flowers I haven't managed to kill yet!
14) Another downtown bike ride on a gorgeous day!
15) Luke "hear ocean shell" post-vacation.
16) Luke wanted lemur to ride his Duplo choo choo.  Lemur might be his best friend.  It is adorable.

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