Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The drive-in

We are big fans of the drive-in; I've mentioned that many times (Reasons Why the Drive-In is Awesome).  All of my reasons still stand.  My little sister was recently telling us how movies are like $13 or something in downtown Indy.  The drive-ins we've visited this summer have been $8/each  (Luke is still free) for two movies.  And you just can't beat the atmosphere.  No recliners or stadium seating will beat being able to cuddle in the back of the Jeep with my two favorite people and lots of blankets.

The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association says there are just 393 drive-ins located in the US and articles like this one make me glad we are able to support ours.  We don't go as much as we used to (our record is 10 times in one season) but we still aim for once a month and hope we can keep that up even as Luke grows.

We've gone as early as March, as late as October.  We've gone in the rain and during tornado warnings.  We've sweated in shorts sitting outside and wrapped up in sleeping bags in the car with all the windows shut.  We've left the drive-in before midnight in the fall and at 2:30am in the middle of the summer.  We've been on packed nights and nights where there were less than 20 cars.  We would probably keep going even if the prices doubled because we like it that much and anything to keep them open (short of owning one ourselves, that just doesn't sound like fun).

A few weeks ago we managed two drive-in trips in 8 days - both Thursday nights followed by a Friday off for Matt.  Both times Luke went with us.  One was the hard-to-top combination of lake-drive in-lake which is about the best summer weekend we could hope for.  These are at two different drive-ins in two states but the experience is pretty much the same.

That's Luke's little head blocking the screen.
I know it's getting late in the year for drive-in season (although we hope to get one more trip in still!) but when the weather is right I hope you'll consider it.  I'll remind you again in the spring. =)  It really is one of our favorite summer/spring/fall/anytime but winter (but we'd probably go then too if they were open) activities.

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