Friday, October 9, 2015

Looking back at September

I seriously feel like it should be about the middle of September right now.

1) Enjoying the pool with some of the last real hot summer weather.  The days have definitely cooled since a month ago!
2) I surfed at the lake!  It took a few tries to get up but I did it.  And may never try again.  Once might be enough.
3) Labor Day weekend at the lake.  Always hard saying goodbye to summer when the weather is still perfect but we sent it out right with jet skiing, surfing, swimming, good people, and margaritas.
4) Happy boy getting in a little more sprinkler time before the weather cooled off.
5) A gorgeous sunset from the backyard.
6) Luke by a stream at Mounds State Park while hiking on our annual family camping trip.
7) Not a bad view to wake up to.  Especially when the sleeping bag is so cozy.
8) "Luke hold lemur like baby."  He does this multiple times a day!
9) Realized when I was putting this together that Luke had lemur with him in almost every picture...they are pretty attached.  I love how much he wants to share everything with lemur.
10) Our FINAL family jet ski ride of the year.  Luke now talks about how he'll be 3 when we go back to the lake!  Ahhhh!
11) Luke and I met Daddy with the Jeep and trailer at the marina to take it out.  We got a tiny bit of sunshine, just over our part of the lake, on the drive over.  It was perfect.
12) Fall.  Fires.
13) Luke and lemur frequently "nap" on the stairs.  This lasts about 3 minutes.
14) Went on two zoo trips this month with my sister and a few friends.  The zoo is the one place lemur actually gets to go, he has to see the "real lemurs".
15) As soon as Luke saw my medal from my 4 mile run he declared it his.  He's worn it pretty much every day since.
16) Dad and I celebrating finishing our 4 miles with $1 beers.  Naturally. 

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