Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Home Tour, in a lazy blogger way

If you follow any home decorating/DIY/lifestyle blogs you probably have seen some home fall tours...a few weeks ago.  Back when the weather was 80° and people had sweater throws and pumpkins.  I love some good decorating eye candy and inspiration as much as the next person but I'm also a little too practical to do the same.  I don't have a huge decorating budget and also, don't want to take all the time to switch out all my decor 4 times a year.  Also, storage.  Also, I've written a lot of posts about liking not having much stuff. 

We got out the fall stuff in the first few days of fall because I refused to give up summer a second sooner!  Then Halloween in early October.  I've never seen a big Halloween person, never a big deal for my family growing up.  However, it's Matt's favorite holiday (blasphemy), probably solely due to the candy connection.  And it was the first fall we were married that I really started shopping at Target a lot.  That was our fall of playing Lego Star Wars on the PS2, eating Caramel Crunch Bars (which no longer exist but were AWESOME!), and shopping at Target every Sunday afternoon.  Simpler times. 

This is the extent of my fall/winter decorating.  There are no big room shots because the rest of the my house looks exactly the same.  Exactly.  No seasonal throw pillows or changing out the wall art.  I like looking at that stuff in other people's houses but it's just not going to happen in mine!

Got glitter pumpkins on clearance at Target last year for 30cents each (Matt was, strangely, not impressed).  And 20cent library books which somehow have escaped being fabric covered (for now!).  

Another 30cent pumpkin!  And a magazine I get for free!

Luke's personal favorite of all the fall decorations, even though this pre-dates him by YEARS.

These guys are all from Target and some of my favorites, just for the memories they bring back of the fall I bought them.  Also, Frankenstein has candy inside and is one of the two times a year we buy candy without it coming out of anyone's allowance.  Currently pretzel M&Ms which won't last long.

I love orange and blue together but pretty much only do it in the fall.  The mini pumpkins and gourds are my only new purchase for this fall.  Partly bought for my sister's recent baby shower but I don't mind having them around!

See, adorable.  And they won't rot. 

More orange and blue and maybe some paint touch-ups needed?  I guarantee you would never have noticed that in person. Maybe when I run out of kitchen cupboards to paint I'll work on this.  Probably not. 

There you go, the grand total of my fall decorating.  I still have shells sitting out (here) and a general "cool tones" color theme which isn't real fall-ish.  But it's enough fall for me!  Christmas will be another story.  Soon enough!!

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