Thursday, December 31, 2015

Books Luke Likes - December (2 3/4 years)

Luke told me last week that he was almost 3.  SOB.  I had just gotten used to the "I two a half!!" and I kept telling him and Matt that he was still closer to 2 1/2 than 3.  But now...less than 3 months until my sweet boy turns 3.  We're halfway through his time at home before kindergarten!  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN.  Time goes fast people.  So fast.

After breakfast and we're both all dressed/pottied (Luke)/make-uped (me) I try to start the day with some books.  These are some of our current favorites.  Like the ones we read multiple times every morning.  Or just the ones I like.

1) Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
Every one has read this one, right??  A classic for a reason.  Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel Mary Anne stop getting jobs when the diesel shovels come around and so they go to Poppersville to dig the cellar of the new town hall in one day.  I've read this countless times in the last few weeks and I still couldn't tell you what the real lesson is...find your place in the world and get comfortable?  Avoid becoming metal trash by leaving town?  Not sure but Luke loves it.

2) If I Could Keep You Little
This book never fails to at least choke me up.  I may have just been wondering where the time went with Luke but still appreciate how each stage brings new things.  Yes, I miss having a cuddly baby but now I have a talkative toddler who genuinely makes me laugh every day.  That's what this book is about, if I could keep you little, I'd miss seeing all the things you can do now.  Makes this growing up thing a littler easier.

3) Star Wars ABC and Star Wars 123

Matt and I saw the new movie on opening night.  Obviously some of that excitement was going to rub off on Luke.  These are two books he got as a baby that he now insists on being tucked in with for every nap time.  He gets some ships confused (but not the Millennium Falcon, of course, he knows that one) but otherwise can tell you pretty much everything in these books.  Who knew who Zam was?  Or what Ugnaughts were??  We didn't and we even won Star Wars Trivia Pursuit against some of Matt's family.  Us and his little sister who definitely studied the cards for weeks before.  Whatever.  Luke might be able to beat us before too long.  (AND looking up the links for the this post I discovered there is a color one!  Already ordered.)

4) Let's Go for a Drive!   and Elephants Cannot Dance!
Of course more Elephant & Piggie.  Always more Elephant & Piggie.   These are just two of the new ones Luke got for Christmas and they are already in high rotation in this house.  I really like these books for many reasons.  1) They are short and easily read before nap or over and over and over again.  2) They can be legit hilarious.  I've laughed out loud more than once.  3) They are just cute. 4) They always have some sort of lessons.  The first is about adapting when things don't go your way/as planned.  The second is being ok with who you are, what you can do.  I think these will long be favorites around here.

5) Toys Meet Snow 
Apparently this is part of a series but this is the first one we've read.  A few toys venture out to play in the snow for the first time.  One has a lot of questions.  Another gives poetic answers, the other gives factual "I read that in a book" answers.  It's just a really cute book about winter and the wonders of snow.  I definitely plan on getting the others in this series because this one was so cute and enjoyable!

Happy New Year!!!

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