Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Target Tunics (Buy These NOW)

I love this week between Christmas and New Years.  All the hustle and bustle of Christmas prep is usually over and it's just a wonderful time to soak in the post-holiday glow.  I have usually taken this week, or most of this week, off work and did the same this year.  Meaning I worked 0 hours instead of my usual 3.  Such a BIG change but it really does feel like a special week.

We had a busy Christmas week, I think I counted 8 family gatherings in 8 days on top of our own things at home.  It was BUSY.  Luke and I are rarely out of the house at lunch time and in the days preceding Christmas we ate out 3 of 4 days.  That's really a lot for us!  Such a busy but wonderful time (recap coming at some point, in some form, probably).

Between receiving gifts at Christmas, end of year allowance shopping, and the fresh start of the new year looming...I am always in a big "purge all the things" mode this time of year.  And I get really excited about it.  Our garage sale pile hasn't had much added to it since the last sale and I finally have the motivation to do more cleaning and sorting.  I love love love the fresh start feeling a new year brings so probably, hopefully, some organization posts coming in January.  When I get sad about Christmas being over I think about the wonderful feeling on January 1st, that feeling that this year can be different and that anything is possible...that gets me really excited. Plus, New Years Eve is about the best day to be sparkly all year.  And I love sparkles (something my 4 year old niece and I really agree on).

So, in the midst of purging and enjoying new presents...I'm going to tell you about a shirt you should buy.  Seem appropriate, right??  But seriously.  It's currently on 50% clearance plus an extra 20% off through Saturday.  With the extra 5% off with a Target card, that puts this shirt at $9.50 before tax.  That's a steal.  I bought the grey one a few weeks ago.  Rebought it (and returned the first without wearing it) when it went on clearance.  Wore it Christmas Day and LOVED it.  Promptly bought the white with black stripes one (which I'm posting to January 2016 allowance because I do the bookkeeping around here).

This shirt is the perfect combination of sweatshirt (comfort) and sweater (style).  Something I tried to write in my review at I realized I had already done a review for it.  Oops.  The grey is more of a sweatshirt material but doesn't fit or wear like one.  I don't know what the white one is...something more crinkly?  But still super comfortable.  Fitted enough but still not super tight to help hid all those holiday eating pounds.  Length is great and I'm not worried about stretching or shrinking like I am with a sweater.  I really wanted the navy as well but couldn't figure out what pants I'd wear with it so I have to settle with just two for now. 

It also pairs nice with my favorite Old Navy vest and Christmas was actually warm enough here I could leave the house with just that as a coat!  And this is someone who is always cold in the winter!  Sometimes, having clothes you really enjoy is enough to get through a long winter.  And a lot of other things like sunshine and holidays and a lot of time at home with my boys...but fun clothes certainly helps!

(As much as I really really wish Target would pay me to advertise their clothes...I do this for free.)

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