Monday, March 28, 2016

You want to buy these ice cream bars, trust me

I rarely post awesome Target deals but this one, trust me, you will thank me.  Matt and I first had Magnum bars many years ago, when they first started selling them in the States.  They are incredibly rich chocolate covered ice cream with caramel and more chocolate.  They are amazing and delicious.  I have never, ever, regretted eating one.  Once they started selling the mini versions we switched to buying those because they are much more manageable in size, more economical, and obviously, less calories.  They make for a perfect sized, perfect treat.  They are still pricier than our usual ice cream or mini drum sticks so these are generally extra special treats for birthdays, holidays, or after a hard day of work around the house.  Luke has no idea these even exist which is fine.  He wouldn't appreciate them fully anyways.

I buy these on sale and right now they have a pretty good one at Target (duh), taking these from almost $1/bar to $0.50. Finding that kinda made my day...

Magnum Minis (the regular size are also on sale...there might be 3-4 in a pack of those)
Buy 4 boxes, 6 bars in a mini pack
$5.09 each, buy 3 get one free

$5.09 x 3 =              $15.27
Cartwheel 15% off     (2.29)
Target card 5% off     (0.65)
Final price (24 bars)  $12.33 OR $0.51/bar (or $0.54 without the Target card)

I am very excited to have my freezer stocked with these.  I plan to enjoy every single bite.  Go buy these and enjoy.  I don't plan to share mine with anyone besides Matt.

(These aren't subject to Indiana sales tax because grocery items are not taxed and these count as that.  If you've ever read the sales tax code (I regrettably have), it's very strange the things they count as grocery and the things they don't. But these do not.  If you live in another state you may have to pay sales tax, I don't know.)

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