Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Looking Back at March

For some reason March felt like a really long month.  Maybe because I started rounded up to Luke's 3 at the beginning of the month so I kinda thought it should be April already?  Or because I was looking forward to his birthday so it came slowly?  Or because Easter was at the end of the month and I was looking forward to that (and to being able to shop, drink alcohol, and eat combos again?).  I don't know but this month felt long.  The wonderful spring days we had at the beginning feel like a really long time ago!

1) Snowy yard on March 1st.  We've often had decent snow storms at least once in March so I kept waiting for more.  Apparently we just needed it to turn to April, then the snow came (less than this but still, April).
2) Luke and Daddy reading before bed.  They both love this book!
3) Luke using his Cozy Coupe to "tow" his jet ski.  Lemur had to "drive" the Cozy Coupe so Luke could ride the jet ski, obviously (although, we obviously never let him ride on the jet ski while it's being towed behind the jeep!)
4) PERFECT spring day in early March meant finally time to start running again (#fairweatherrunner).  Luke was happier about being pushed along when he had the promise of the playground at the end.
5) "Mom, let's watch pretty sky, both together!".  At the end of that same perfect day Luke and I had supper outside and then watched the beginning of the sunset from the picnic table.  Matt, unfortunately, was stuck at work for CPR training on the BEST DAY of the year thus far.  Sucked for him but Luke and I took full advantage of the beautiful weather!
6) Luke, puppy, and lemur all riding in a "spaceship".  Or "boat".  Or really just a cardboard box from something we bought online.  No matter how small, he wants to play in every one.
7) Luke "talking" to Daddy on the phone at Great-Grandpa's.  We didn't know it at the time but this would be the second to last time we got to visit.  Miss him already.
8) Annual pre-Easter Kool-aid cookie baking.
9) Luke (and lemur) are very familiar with the flannel aisle at Jo-Ann.  (No. Idea. Why.)
10) This tent goes back to my early childhood.  It's on a fitted sheet that can go right on a mattress.  I slept in it many many times growing up and Luke finally got his turn.  But lasted less than a week because nighttime potty training and all. 
11) When church offers you free beer at midnight, you take it, especially after giving it up for Lent (among other things).
12) Easter morning at home!  Happy boy.  Had a little bit of sugar in him at this point...
13) Hunting for eggs at my parents'.  We split into two teams (all spouses have to split up) and one team hides in the back and one in the front.  Then we switch for looking although a lot of kids help hide and look in the same places (luckily many have short memories). 
14) Easter was another GORGEOUS day (until a very rainy evening).  70°s, sunny, you couldn't ask for any better Easter weather, especially in March.  After doing our eggs at home, followed by both Grandparents', we were still home in time for a bike ride...where Luke promptly fell asleep.  I guess a 12:30am bedtime (post Easter Vigil) and no nap will do that to a kid.
15) My bulbs have started to bloom!  I'm proud every year I've put off their eventual demise (even though I put very little effort into keeping them alive...)
16) A very proud new 3 year-old on his big kid bike.  He was very excited about this, now if only that excitement could translate into actually being able to pedal...or steer (not many good days since his birthday haven't helped).

Books finished: 10 (38 for the year)
Things added to the garage sale pile: a rather pitiful 14...I need the purging bug to bite!
Things sewn: Hah.  11 of these pillow covers.  5 of these blankets and 36 of another (coming soon-ish).  I think I made up for months of not sewing much.
Things crafted: 0...but sewing!  A lot of sewing!
Miles ran: 12.36, which isn't spectacular but it's the most I've run in a March in at least 5 years!  And started running almost 5 months earlier than last year.  So still pretty happy with it.  And all of those miles while pushing Luke in the jogger!
Currently watching (totally stole this from my sister): Finished my Friday Night Lights rewatch this month (started last fall) and watched the first season of Smash (on DVD) and Fuller House (Netflix).  All of my sewing, ironing, and cutting really helped me get through some stuff!  Next up: Hart of Dixie rewatch and the second season of Smash, once I get the DVD.

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