Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Simple Receiving Blankets

I've admitted to Jo-Ann being a dangerous place for me to shop.  That is very true.  Particularly the flannel aisle.  I've been working on two different projects that use flannel and I've made many, many stops to Jo-Ann to maximize various coupons and sales.  On a recent trip I really meant to just pick out a handful.  11 bolts of fabric in the cart later...I will admit to having a problem.  I know.  But it's so hard when there are so many cute fabrics!  And the lady at the cutting counter, not so helpfully, told me that they get new fabrics every week.  I didn't need to know that (although I also know I need to work through my current pile before buying more!)

These receiving blankets are one of my favorites to make with some my cute flannel finds.  They are inexpensive (I've been getting my flannel for less than $2.50/yard) and their large size makes them easier to use than the ones sold at places like Target (although I definitely have 8 of those packed away from Luke!).  They don't take much time (about 30 minutes - 10 to cut, 10 to iron, 10 to sew).  And, again, so many cute fabric options!

My aunt gave us one for Luke after holding him on a chillier day and noting that it was hard, at 2 months, to keep him contained in the standard Target blanket.  Luke still pulls out the blanket she made and is the only receiving type blanket that has not been packed away 3 years later. 

Simple Receiving Blankets
Materials needed
-1 yard flannel, washed
-fabric scissors
-sewing machine

Pick out your flannel (or 5, not speaking from experience here AT ALL).  Get a yard cut per blanket.  Wash.  Trim the edges to make a good square (washing always unravels it a bit for me).  (I have absolutely no good advice on how to cut a good straight line with 90° angles but I just bought a cutting board so hopefully I can get better at this.)

Fold up an edge about 1/8" and use an iron to made a good, sharp crease (which, yes, I did admit to trying to use as little as possible but ironing blankets is certainly easier than any clothes!).

Fold up again, about 1/8" - 1/4", tucking the raw edge in, and iron again (while watching Fuller House, if you really want to copy me.  It's SUPER cheesy but so much nostalgia.)

Pin and repeat on all sides. 

Sew, closer to the inside edge than the outside.


And that's it!  I, of course, needed a flamingo blanket for our non-existent daughter (I really hope we get a girl some day, otherwise I'm going to have a decent amount of flamingo stuff to pass on...)  These flannels start out so soft and I look forward to using these for future babes or for gifting.  Hard to pass up making a blanket for $2.50 and about 30 minutes of work! 

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