Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Five: {5} Podcasts I Enjoy

Last week I talked about how I use podcasts to make some boring household things a little more interesting.  I've listened to a variety of different podcasts over the last two months, some I've subscribed to, some not.  Some I've found through guests on other podcasts or just by searching an author I've liked and listening to different episodes they have been interviewed on.  It's easier for me to get into a podcast if I have some familiarity with the hosts or guest, if the typical episode is 30-45 minutes, and if there aren't hundreds of back episodes (that overwhelms me).  Some of these do typically run for an hour but I am more apt to try new ones that are a little shorter.  I know I can pretty easily get through an hour of podcast listening a day (usually more) but it's nice to have a little variety!

I currently subscribe to 8 podcasts and which, thankfully, release new episodes on various days.  I can pretty easily get through all of those in a week.  In fact, I'm usually downloading back episodes or searching out new podcasts for something else to listen to! 

In the order I subscribed to them:

1) Young House Love has a Podcast
Obviously.  I've mentioned their blog (sadly, mostly done for now) many times and have enjoyed both of their books.  I picked up their first book more than 3 years ago, shortly after it came out, on something of a whim and they sorta kickstarted this whole drive in me to redecorate and take on more projects.  They were the first home blog I followed and my favorite until they mostly "retired" two years ago.  Then they came out with a podcast which, of course, I immediately subscribed to.  I will say since they are relatively new to this they still sound a little awkward at times but I have such good memories of starting to read their blog and being so inspired to change so many things around our own house that I'm willing to give them a bit to get into the groove. 

2) Happier with Gretchen Rubin
I've read three of Gretchen Rubin's self-improvement books ( mentioned here, here, and here) and really enjoyed them all.  I'm all for little steps that can make my life easier and happier and she talks about those kinds of things a lot.  She does this podcast with her sister and they talk about "happiness hacks" and different things you can try at home to, hopefully, make your life a little better.  Who doesn't want that? She frequently references her "Four Tendencies" from Better Than Before so knowing a little about that might be helpful (although I still haven't taken the quiz to figure out what tendency I am). 

3) What Should I Read Next
There most definitely was going to be a book related podcast on this list.  I was familiar with the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog but didn't follow it myself (now I do) but when I was looking at reading related podcast this was one of the most popular and since I had a passing familiarity with the blog, I decided to try it.  I've now listened to almost every single episode (just over 30).  She gives book recommendations to various people by asking them 3 books they've loved, one they've hated, and what they are currently reading.  It's so interesting and I love hearing books I've loved mentioned, either favorably or not!  This has certainly added to my "to read" list but I don't consider that a bad thing!  And her voice is very soothing which makes for very easy listening!  Definitely recommend for fellow readers!

4) The Simple Show
Like above, I was familiar with the host of this blog, Tsh Oxenrider, because I had read one of her books (mentioned here).  I'm all for simplifying our lives and love hearing about what that means to others.  Two of my favorite episodes are #27 where Tsh talks to a mother who lives in NYC with their 5 (?? I don't remember exactly how many) children (and husband) and how their life there seems simpler than their lives in the burbs before!  I'm fascinated by people living in NYC so you can see why I really enjoyed that one.  I also liked #30 where she talks with Joshua Becker who blogs about minimalism (and has written a few books, one of which I recently read).  I am continually trying to be more minimalist and it really helped me see some of the excess in our lives!  But, I've also enjoyed every episode I've listened to and usually can get something helpful out them. 

5) The Popcast with Knox and Jamie
While all the above could be considered self-improving in one way or another, this one is just fun.  Knox and Jamie are two friends (? I guess?  I mean, I know they are spouses) who talk about pop culture.  I'd estimate they are both in their 30s so it's not about whatever the kids are talking about these days but about things I'm actually somewhat interested in.  I've laughed more listening to this than any other podcast.  Like there was a whole episode talking about killing off tv characters (was Charlie's death on Lost worthwhile? Discuss.) and while I certainly don't watch every show they do or see all the movies I still find the discussions amusing.  No, nothing life changing here but a little fun is necessary, right?

Those are my current top 5 favorites.  Got any more recommendations??  I'm always up for trying some more!

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