Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Senses of the Season - Christmas!

Christmas is very imminently upon us and we have a busy long weekend planned with family events, plenty of time at home just the three of us, and (hopefully) enough sleep for all (looking at you, Luke).  I love love love this time of year and especially the last 10 days as most of the prep has wound down and we've just been able to enjoy the season.

I realized that there are significant things for all the senses during all seasons, but especially at Christmas.  Most people have such strong memories of Christmas pasts and different things that bring up those happy (usually) memories.  These are some of my favorites right now:

1) Smell
I haven't bought or burned many candles in the last, we'll say, 5 years.  Just seemed like something I was always trying to get rid of.  Then Target, on Black Friday (the day I am most prone to impulse shopping.  Also one of the very few times I go without Luke each year), had jar candles buy one, get one free and a week or two later they had them 50% off on Cartwheel.  I may have gone a little crazy.  It found it exciting to think about filling our house with Christmas-y scents beyond baking cookies.  And someone loves blowing out the candles multiple times a day, as if he needs to practice for his 1st birthday.

2) Taste
Rum & cokes and chex mix.  I don't know how it started but we drink rum & cokes all December.  I mean, not every day (tempting though) but on weekends it's our drink of choice.  There is just something about them that taste Christmas-y.  And chex mix.  I don't want to admit how many batches I've made and we've's more than 5.  It would be appalling if it wasn't so delicious.

3) Hearing
Christmas music almost 24/7 around here.  I have my old video iPod set-up in a dock in the kitchen and leave it playing for almost all our waking hours.  A few of my favorites are here but my whole Christmas playlist is 137 songs.  The ones getting the most play: a Sesame Street Medley, You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, and Oh, Santa! by Veggie Tales.  If you guessed those are Luke's are right.  Which is better than last year when he only wanted to listen to Jingle Bell Rock.  On repeat.  Loudly.  All day. 

4) See
Christmas tree, Christmas presents (I take great joy in wrapping and arranging them under the tree, more arranging than is probably necessary.)  Christmas lights.  Pretty much all things Christmas. 

5) Touch
Anything soft, 1000 layers.  Luke will come downstairs in the morning wearing shorts, t-shirt, barefoot where I will be wearing a minimum of two layers on every part of me.  We have very different temperatures.  Or at least tolerance of temperatures.  For me, I'll take everything soft and warm.  That means a heated mattress pad or blanket as much as possible.  And a lot of layers.  And I love it.

What are you feasting your senses on this holiday season??

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