Friday, March 31, 2017

Books Luke Likes - 4 (!!!)

Cliche or not, I am almost in complete denial that my baby is now 4.  FOUR.  And he's just seeming so much bigger all of a sudden.  It's just mind-blowingly crazy.  I mean, he's barely 4 (this month) but enough that he's been telling me for months that he's "almost 4" and is very excited he finally is.  I don't know where the time went.

I could have easily filled this whole list, and a few more, just with the Berenstain books we've been reading lately because those are definitely his current favorites. Any Berenstain Bear book, and we have a bunch as well as constantly having a few from the library too.  They his overwhelming current favorites.  Which is fine with me because they were my favorite books as a kid too and now I have a good excuse to buy them all.  But I limited myself to just one and a few other books we've been reading lately too.

1) The Circus Ship by Chris Van Dusen
This is loosely based on a real circus ship shipwreck off the coast of Maine many decades ago.  The animals are all on the ship when it wrecks and they wash up on shore.  They integrate themselves into the local village and when the greedy circus owner comes looking for them, there are no animals to be found (or are there?).   The text was so easy to read and the pictures were fantastic.  It even took me awhile to find the hidden animal and definitely kept Luke's interest.

2) Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda
Luke came downstairs this morning while I was making this list, going through my Goodreads account to see what we had read this month, other than Bear books, when he saw this picture he said "Oh! I like that one!  It about skiing!  Like me!".  (If you follow me on IG you may have seen that we took Luke skiing recently, more about that later.)  So, while he wasn't a "skier" when we read this, he now considers himself one and strongly identified with this bunny that skis.  And you get to do fun things like tilt the book and those interactive books are always fun.

3) Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis
This book is about a group of bugs who speak a gibberish (to us) language throughout their one day.  Luke loved this book because it had me making all kinds of weird sounds.  We read it so many times that I basically had their language figured out.  It was fun and different from most books we read.

4) The Berenstain Bears are Superbears! by Mike Berenstain
One of Luke's current favorites, combining his love of "The Bears" with his love of superheros (particularly his own self-named one).   Brother, Sister, and Honey go around "saving" the day from bad guys.  Pretty much Luke's dream day.

5) Curious George: A Home for Honeybees by H.A. Rey
We've been picking up a lot of these George easy-readers because they are shelved near the Bear easy-readers.  All these George books are based off one of the tv episodes but they also have some sort of science-y (ish) lesson, this one about bees, obviously.  Luke's probably seen every episode of the show but he still enjoys the books and one of these days we're actually going to try one of the experiments...

Those are 5 books we've been enjoying lately with Luke!  What kids books have you been reading AND enjoying?  We'll need to branch beyond the Bears at some point!

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