Friday, March 17, 2017

Senses of the Season - Spring(ish)

I first posted one of these lists right before Christmas.  It's been three months since and things have changed, a little.  We have more snow on the ground, as I type this, then we did on Christmas.  Hello, spring!  But there are fewer dead trees in my house now (although I'm sure some needles are still lurking somewhere) and spring is coming, soon-ish.  I have hopes of wearing less than 3 layers sometime soon!

1) Smell

Until the real flowers are blooming we're settling for flowery candles and this has been a recent favorite.  I love the smell of real hyacinth, probably should plant some!

2) Taste

A trio of chocolate treats for one (guess who in this house didn't give up sweets for Lent?  Not this girl!).  This being triple chocolate cookies, cookie dough truffles, and double chocolate muffins.  All of which I have been enjoying almost daily lately...I'll start running again soon.   It'll be fine.  Also, this peach honey tea which was a semi-impulse Target buy last week but has turned out to be a nice quiet time treat, with more added honey, naturally.

3) Hearing
Amazon Prime does this thing where sometimes they offer you a $1 credit for a digital song if you agree to slower shipping.  Unless I'm in a hurry I almost always take the $1 credit and it's what I use to buy most of my music, the few songs I do buy.  My last purchase was Florida Georgia Line featuring the Backstreet Boys (you can guess why I bought this), God, Your Mama, and Me.  It's going to satisfy my new Backstreet Boys music until their rumored CD comes out later this year (and I will buy that CD, but you probably knew that). 

If Backstreet Boys and country music isn't your thing, I also enjoyed this podcast episode "The Lazy Genius Shops at Aldi".  If I haven't previously convinced you to give Aldi a try (here or here), at least listen to this podcast...and then try again.  It's only 23 minutes, or about the time it takes me to get through Aldi, which includes getting a cart, shopping, checking out, bagging, and loading up the car.  Not joking. (Note: She says you have to take cash but my Aldi has long accepted debit cards and now does credit cards as well.  Maybe it depends on the store?)

4) Sight
My bulbs started coming up weeks ago!  Here they are in the snow earlier this week.  At least they haven't bloomed yet?  The snow is pretty and I wish we had gotten more this winter, but kinda ready for warmer temps...

5) Touch
Can we just go with a feeling?  Because I've been feeling really cold lately.  It feels like 14° out as I type this.  That's cold.  And my old, 80-year-old, poorly insulated house is feeling it.  I sure would like to feel my toes (with socks and shoes) more often than when I'm working out and under 3 blankets....

What are you feasting your senses on in this (almost) spring?

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