Friday, May 26, 2017

Things I Like - May

My monthly round-up of 5 things I'm liking, with a few affiliate links sprinkled in.  Thanks for helping support the blog!. =)  See more here!

1) The Lazy Genius Podcast
I've been on the podcast train for a little while and I'm amazed at how much time I find to listen to them, between working out, editing blog pictures, rare alone time in the car, and occasionally doing house cleaning (depending on where Luke is/what he's doing).  One of my newest finds is the Lazy Genius podcast.  She wants to help you "be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't".  She's covered topics like laundry and date nights and shopping at Aldi (the one that drew me in).  I get something worthwhile out of each of them!  I'd recommend #18 - Raises a new baby and #13 Lazy Genius Makes a Friend as good starting points (but there are a lot more!).

2) Laura Amiss Etsy Shop

I first bought some prints for this shop while working on the gallery wall over my desk over 3 years ago (New York, London, Paris).   I really like the colors and style of her city prints.  When I was looking to change up the art in our bathroom, I found more that I really liked! Like this London one and New York).  I ended up ordering one of the South of France which is somewhere I've never been but I'd really like to visit!  I'm excited to see how it looks in the bathroom.  Also, maybe the most we've ever paid for "art".  We're growing up! 

3) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

For quite a few years we've been going to the drive-in for our anniversary date and pretty much that whole time Marvel has been releasing their newest movie the weekend before which works out well for us because we get to watch a movie we actually wanted to see (we've seen a lot of bad movies at the drive-in, which isn't the drive-in's fault) but still have never regretted a trip!).   (That's a run-on...sorry about that.)

The first Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprisingly enjoyable movie (also saw at the drive-in although not for our anniversary that time) and we really liked this one too.  We went into the first with zero expectations so it was just fun and this one we had higher expectations which is usually a bad thing but still, it was good.  A fun movie and a start to our anniversary celebration and a summer at the drive-in (hopefully).  I'd recommend if you've liked other Marvel movies! 

4) Pineapple Cookie Jar

I found this right after I wrote my Pineapple Crush post and...immediately bought it.  And I don't feel guilty one bit.  It's beautiful.  And not for storing cookies (because I already have an actual cookie jar, or a jar that works).  It's going to end up on shelves Matt is (eventually) going to build in our front room but for now is on a large window ledge and storing extra lip balm and small lotion bottles.  Maybe not what one traditionally stores in a cookie jar but I always know where those things are now!  I'm pretty excited about this purchase.

5) Liquid Bandaid

Not the strangest thing I've recommended here!  We have this exact liquid bandaid and use it ALL. THE. TIME.  Matt had been using it for years before trying it on a cut I got on my face right before Christmas (from napping with my wedding ring right next to my face and then cutting myself with a prong when startling awake.  That should teach me not to nap! (I still do.)).  And it healed it up quick and easily!  It doesn't stay on as well on fingers (where I need it the most) because of bending and constant washing but it DOES help, especially overnight.  And it's less annoying than a fabric bandaid (I hate bandaids on my hands).  Definitely a staple in our house.  We call it the glue and Luke even asks for it and doesn't mess with it! 

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