Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pineapple Crush

Maybe I just didn't pay attention to home decor trends for a long time but it feels like pineapples and flamingos have both been having a moment the last few years.  With some things I am a band wagon jumper (hello everyone's recent interest in all things Nordic and hygge) but these two, I've been on the band wagon for a long time, going back to high school long time (I still have the lawn ornament flamingos a friend gave me for high school graduation!).  I've done shopping lists for both before (flamingos, pineapples) but I kept finding things I like and if I can't buy them all then at least sharing them all here gets it out of my system a little.  

Also, I may have been really eager to spend some money after a discretionary spending freeze for Lent.  And internet browsing helped a little. 

So, here are a whole lot of pineapple items that have caught my eye recently.  I currently only own two...but I might be sale stalking a whole lot more.  (And here's a free phone background that I'm currently using!)

*I saw these at Target recently and was super tempted...but we don't need any more cups.
**I've been using the same flamingo case for more than 2 years but these might finally convince me to change it up
***if I didn't already have flamingo trunks for Luke (in the next two sizes...) I would definitely be sale stalking these.
****I bought this last year.  And even though I recently wrote a post about spending out...I still haven't burned it.
*****This may have been on my Easter wish list.  You don't have one of those?  It's a huge step up from our "buy my own gifts" plan we used to have...I'm going to spray paint them, rose gold I think? 

Highest priority to buy?  A ceramic pineapple.  I've been looking for one for YEARS.

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