Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Five: {5} Podcast Episodes

I've been listening to podcasts almost daily for a little over a year and am constantly amazed at how many little pockets of time I can find to listen during the day and over the course of a week.  I am subscribed to 11 which amazes me that I can fit all those in in a week and often even run out of new episodes to listen to!  I listen while doing my basement workouts, when doing my hair/make-up, anytime I'm in the car alone, editing blog pictures, and doing various housework (depending on where/what Luke is doing).  It can make me a little more eager to do dishes or clean the kitchen when I know I can get through a little more podcast time.

I've written about podcasts before: The Podcast Multitask, {5} Podcasts I Enjoy (I still listen to all of these!), and {5} Podcast Episodes that Might be Worth Your Time.  And now here are 5 more podcast episodes that I've enjoyed lately!

1) The Smartest Person in the Room episode #20: Professional Bridesmaid Jen Glantz
Jen Glantz was asked to be a bridesmaid in a whole bunch of weddings at once and jokingly put an ad on Craigslist, offering to be a professional bridesmaids, thinking she'd do it once or twice and it would be a fun experience.  Over the course of a few days that blew up into something much bigger with national news outlets picking it up and she has turned it into a full-time job.  You can actually hire her to be a bridesmaid, everything from just being someone to vent to, to putting on the dress and walking down the aisle (sometimes even lying to the groom about a false backstory so everything thinks her and bride have been BFFs forever).  It was not something I knew could be a job and was just fascinating to listen to and learn about!  She wrote a book that is now on my TBR too.

2) The Simple Show episode #74: "Capsule" Wardrobes
I've been listening to this podcast for over a year and this was one of my favorite episodes, I even remember what I was doing while listening (painting approximately the 15th coat on our bedroom trim...).  Tsh and her co-host Erin (who lives in my same town!) talk about their version of a capsule wardrobe which isn't quite the "I only wear these 20 things over the course of a season" and it was just really interesting and helpful to get some tips on cutting down and streamlining your wardrobe without going to the bare minimum.  It really helped me think about my closet differently!

3) The Lazy Genius episode #18: The Lazy Genius Raises a New Baby
I've raised a new baby (only one, but still) and I still feel like I learned a few things from this episode.  Something you might not know if you don't have kids: when you visit a new baby (and their parents) don't stay more than an hour unless you are seriously helping vacuum floors, make meals, entertain older kids, etc.  I know I am guilty of that one pre-Luke! But besides that, it gave me a few things to think about and a few things I might do differently on the next kid!

4) Young House Love Has a Podcast episode #45: Why We Got Rid of Half the Toys in Our House
I'm going to be all in on anything that encourages me to get rid of possessions, especially kid toys which, somehow, seem to multiple (and don't seem to get touched much in the summer!).   They reference one of my favorite parenting books, Simplicity Parenting (which I've read but really want to reread)They talk about how few things kids need, toys especially, and how they tend to play better and longer when there are fewer options.  Definitely something we need to work on in our own house!  Worth a listen if you feel overwhelmed by your kids' stuff!

5) Sorta Awesome episode #103: Pop-ups, sunnies, s'mores, and more!
I started listening to this one at the lake on a sunny summer day and it was just a fun way to to spend part of an early summer weekend - the two co-hosts list some of their favorite things about summer and even though I didn't investigate any of the products they were discussing I still enjoyed hearing their recommendations and getting in the summer mood.  It makes me want to fully enjoy flip-flops, sunnies, and camping trips all summer!

Have you hopped on the podcast train?  What episodes or shows should I be listening to?

Side note: This Boston Globe article "How to live without air conditioning" related rather well to my post last Friday: {5} Thoughts on Air Conditioning.  Although we have had ours on for almost a week straight thanks to a week of 90°+! 

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