Friday, September 16, 2016

{5} Podcast Episodes That (Might) Be Worth Your Time

I'm a big fan of podcasts.  I can usually fit in at least an hour of listening throughout my day, from working out to doing housework.  It makes me feel like my brain is still growing despite whatever menial chores I am completing at the moment.  And sometimes you need that little bit of motivation to, say, clean out the fridge. (I always need that little bit of motivation for some jobs.)

I shared some of my favorites to subscribe to back here and here are 5 episodes of various shows I've enjoyed, some going back a little bit.  They probably won't all resonate with you but I hope there is something worthwhile. (I download all my podcasts through the Apple standard podcast app.)

1) The Lively Show episode #84: Behind the Scenes of The Royal We with Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
I've mentioned The Royal We more than once (when I initially read it about 18 months ago and on my "best of 2015 reads" list) and the blog Go Fug Yourself back on my blog roll here.  I LOVED listening to a behind the scenes sort on the book.  I just found it fascinating.  If you've read this book (and I highly recommend it) then you should listen to this too. 

2) Extraordinary Moms episode #65: Letting Go of "Shoulds"
Probably every parent feels like there are 100 things they "should" do...but aren't.  Whether it's the super creative and elaborate birthday parties or the cute pictures before the start of school or how often you take your kids to the park (raises hand on that last one...)...we all have things we feel like we "should" do...but don't.  This is telling us to let it go, obviously try your best to be a good parent but don't beat yourself up over unrealistic expectations.  And it's only 21 minutes long.  Definitely worth 21 minutes.

3) Elise Gets Crafty episode #102: "On "Being Busy"
This is an interview with Laura Vanderkam who is basically my time management guru.  Laura talks about how we might not be as "busy" as we think we are and how a little time management might turn our perception around.  This is something I constantly need to remind myself, always trying to manage my time better!!

4) The Simple Show episode #27: Big City Simple Living
When you think of simple living, most people don't think about doing it in New York City.  At least I don't.  But that is precisely what this family does.  It's an interview with a woman who is pregnant with her 5th kid and they all live in New York (there is a husband too).  They talk about the practicals of living in the city, laundry, groceries, etc.  I find this all FASCINATING.  Really fascinating.  I always like hearing how other people live!  Especially in New York where it all seems so different from here!  A very enjoyable hour.

5) How They Blog episode #16: How to Blog Like an Olympian
This podcast is no longer producing new episodes but I've gone back and listened to almost all the ones that do exist.  This one was about blogging like an Olympian, around the time of the 2014 winter games.  But it felt rather timely with the Rio games just happening.  It reiterated a lot of what I got out of Big Magic (completely different author/host) but still similar.  Gave me a little more confidence to keep this blogging thing going.

I'm always in the market for some podcast recommendations!  What do you have?  

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