Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lessons in Adulting: Know Your Body Temp

Here's the thing that took me waaaay too long to figure out.

I hate being cold.

I have a tendency to be cold.

Solution:  Always, always, assume I'll be cold.

That means (almost) always having an extra layer with me.  When in doubt, grab a sweatshirt or jacket.  I've regretted not having an extra layer more often than I've been bothered by having one with me. 

We went for a bike ride in late May.  Matt and Luke were in shorts and t-shirts.  I wore jeans and a jacket.  Sure, I got a little warm at times but I'd rather be a little warm than a little cold.

It took me too long to figure this out.  Now, I travel with layers and I'm warmer and less miserable.  That makes me a happier person.  

We are going to string a baseball games right now and you bet I'll have a sweatshirt at every single one.  Err on the side of "I'm going to get cold at some point" and then I'm prepared (I would have made an excellent Boy Scout, I want to prepared for anything). 

The key to surviving four seasons in one day is layers.  You should always bring another cardigan.  You can't hygge when you are cold.

The Little Book of Hygge 

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