Friday, June 30, 2017

Things Luke Likes - June

At the end of each quarter I usually do a list of 5 books Luke has been liking lately but since I just did a list of {100} Picture Books to Read this Summer...I'm kinda out of kid books to recommend at the moment.  So, instead, five things Luke is liking, or seeming to like lately (ish).  He's a kid, other than Lemur, his preferences can change very very quickly (i.e. yesterday, he loved mustard, today, he despises it.)

1) Inflatable Pool

Before we even had Luke we had an inflatable pool which saw about 5 summers of use and then had too many leaks to keep repairing.  It got trashed at the end of the last summer.  That meant we were on the hunt for a new pool this month.  Inflatable pools are pretty important, afternoons around them are one of my favorite stay-at-home-mom activities.  I put my feet in the water and read while Luke splashes every where and it's great fun for all.  This is the one we ended up with and, despite MAJOR inflating problems for me initially (spent almost 90 minutes on it, with the air compressor, and then Matt came home and did it in 5), it's been great.  It's much bigger than our last one but his little slide still fits over the edge.  So far it's held up to its (week of) use.  And it's less yellow that our last one which I strangely appreciate.  So far, two thumbs up.

2) Candy Land
After probably over a hundred games, Matt was getting tired of the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game and wanted another easy option for Luke.  We got him this version of Candy Land for his birthday (only $5 or so at Target!) and it's gone into pretty high rotation.  Matt and I both grew up playing this version and it's the one we really wanted but at the time could only find it for $100 and definitely we're willing to pay that!  I then scored this copy for just $4 (!!!) at a small hardware store (small town, it made sense at the time) on Memorial Day and that felt like a steal.  It's supposed to be our lake copy but right now it's Luke's preferred version because it's longer...  Anyways, it's easy and non-painless for us to play.

3) Moana

My library hold for this came in about the same day it showed up on Netflix.  Great timing!  But then we took the DVD to the lake and watched it there (where we don't have wi-fi) so it all worked out.  I've heard Moana is the new Frozen (which we still haven't seen) but regardless, I found it charming and the songs stuck in my head, Luke was entertained, and it made me, desperately, want to go back to Hawaii.  We do movie night almost every Friday and this is one of the better ones we've watched lately!  Definitely recommend if you haven't seen it.

4) Hydro Lacrosse Game

I had no idea this had any Lacrosse relation until I was doing an Amazon search for "ball catch and throw game".  Luke got these from his godfather for his birthday and must have ripped the tags off before I saw them.  He's not very good (definitely some hand-eye coordination skills we need to work on) but we are trying and he takes great delight in making us chase after the balls he (horribly) throws.  And I just realized these have hydro in the in water...I think we need to take them to the lake.  But not until I'm willing to get higher than my knees wet because I know I'll be doing a lot of ball chasing.  (So, maybe by August it'll be warm enough.)

5) VeggieTales 25 Favorite Silly Songs
I knew VeggieTales because my little sister was a big fan back in the day.  When we needed something besides the requisite Disney/animated movie songs, we turned to VeggieTales.  This CD has many, many of his current favorites.  I don't have them all on my phone (I'm too stingy with my music for that) but Matt does and Luke requests them often.  Favorites include: Pants, Donuts for Benny, Pizza Angel, Sneeze if You Need To, and The New and Improved Bunny Song.  I will admit, most are catchy and I don't mind having them on, some of the time.  (Sometimes he's still subjected to Backstreet Boys and such, and he's going to like it.)

These lists are a fun way to look back and remember different stages of his rapidly speeding by childhood! 

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