Tuesday, July 25, 2017

{25} (More) Things About Me

I've done similar lists to these before ({25} Things About Me and Honest Truths) and usually around my birthday which means we're due for another one.  You'd think it would be easy to come up with 25 things about myself but...it's not.  I also forget what I've already written about and, writing this blog, I feel like I am CONSTANTLY talking about myself, so much so that I get tired of myself.  But, here we go.

1) I have to wear socks to bed.  Even in the middle of the summer.  I feel like gremlins are going to bite my toes otherwise.

2) I don't like (most) condiments.  If it were up to me, we'd have barbecue sauce, 2 salad dressings, butter, sour cream (do those count?) and that's pretty much it.  Instead we have about 20 bottles on the fridge door.

3) Ketchup is the worst, just FYI.

4) A couple weeks ago I spent the day listening to ALL the Backstreet Boys CDs (not in CD form, on my phone), in chronological order. There are 7.  I found it completely enjoyable.  (I was doing other things this whole time, not just sitting down listening to music.)

5) Probably a good time to admit they are my favorite concert?

6) Although, I've only seen them once and Carrie Underwood 3 times so...

7) I would really like to see the Backstreet Boys Vegas show but I can't convince Matt that's a good reason to fly to Vegas...also they post so many stories on Instagram that I feel like I've seen most of the show anyways.  (You probably didn't think this list would be so Backstreet Boys heavy.)

8) My first concert was Michael W. Smith at a Life on the Edge Live tour my junior year of high school.  It was pretty exciting.

9) Blue has been my favorite color my whole life.  This might be obvious if you've ever been to our house. (It would be ALL blue if I didn't have a husband to consider.)

10) When Matt and I went on our first date I purposely didn't take enough money to pay for my own movie ticket so he would have to, thus making it a "real" date. (There was also a good chance I didn't have that much cash anyways.) (And he offered before I had to fake offer.)

11) Really odd skill I wish I had: fire twirling like at Hawaiian luaus.  I wish I could find someone (in Indiana...) to teach me.

12) I spent 4 years in high school color guard so I'm pretty sure I could do it.  It would be my most impressive skill, if only I could do it. (It sounds WAY TOO dangerous to teach myself.)

13) On my birthday I like to be awake at midnight when it turns my birthday and midnight when it stops being my birthday.  And I set an alarm for the time I was actually born so we can observe.  (It's in the evening so I'm not waking up for this.)

14) I might like my birthday as much as a 4 year old (I say that, having a 4 year old who really likes his birthday.).

15) My legs are uneven by about ¼".  This is partially to blame for my myriad of foot problems.

16) I can mostly only tell because some pants wear out unevenly on the bottom, some clothes sits weird on my (uneven) hips, and I've had doctors tell me they are off.  And, strangely, once a customer at Arby's.

17) I worked at Arby's for my senior year of high school and through college breaks.  At the time it was the highest selling Arby's in the nation.  (Or at least that's what they told us.  I put this on my resume but never fact checked it.)

18) My first major in college was Communications.  That lasted a year.  Next was Marketing.  That lasted a semester.  But for it I had to take my first accounting class, that clicked, I switched, and it's what I've been doing (to some extent) for the last 14 years.

19) I do not hold writing utensils correctly. My high school religion teacher told me it looked like I was about to stab someone with my pen. 

20) I actually like doing laundry which seems to be the opposite of every other parent.

21) It's really hard to come up with a list of 25 things about yourself.  Just saying that again....

22) 10 years ago I spent my birthday in Hawaii and I don't know that a birthday has topped that since.  I mean...it's hard to beat snorkeling on Maui for your birthday...

23) Even though I'm 2, 4, 6, and 11 years older than my younger sisters, I only remember life without the youngest.  Something I've told her multiple times.  It feels like I should remember some of the others!

24) Although, I have memories of preschool when I was 4 but not my sister being born shortly before...you can tell which was more important to my young mind...

25) I'm the only of my sisters to even go to preschool...and it was only because my Mom thought I needed to talk more.  A few people might be regretting that decision...

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