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Quick Lit - July

I've maybe been reading a lot lately...there are 18 books listed below that I've read in the last month(ish) and a few more individual book posts I already have scheduled for later this month.  Summer reading is my favorite for many reasons (supervising inflatable pool time with a good book is my ideal summer afternoon) and I do a lot of it.

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A few other book posts in the past month:

And now what I read!

The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand
Epitome of the perfect beach read - interesting characters, interesting enough story, not too fluffy but easy reading.  Not my favorite of hers but not my least favorite either.  I eagerly read everything she writes even if they (usually) don't stick with me.  3.75 Stars

Secrets by Robin Jones Gunn
Almost everything Robin Jones Gunn has written is good for me to read on my phone because I've likely read it multiple times so picking it up and putting down many times before I finish isn't a problem.  On top of rereading the Christy Miller series (and subsequent series), I've also started her Glenbrooke series with related characters.  Again, dated (written in the 90s) and this one has some major plot points that has me scratching my head but I still enjoy it, every time. (I purposely used the very dated amuses me.) 3.5 Stars

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Famous and now reclusive actress picks a seemingly random magazine writer to hear her life story and write her autobiography.  The seven husbands factor heavily into the story but she doesn't think that's the most interesting thing about her.  This book is mostly receiving high praise and I mostly get it but there were still some plot points I didn't like.  It was an interesting look at Old Hollywood (as fiction as it was here) and I did get through it pretty fast because I wanted to know what happened.  But I don't know how highly I would recommend it.  3 Stars

Dinner Chez Moi: 50 French Secrets to Joyful Eating and Entertaining by Elizabeth Bard
I read a lot of food books this month and this one was such a quick read that I forgot I read it until I looked at my list.   I've read other book about French eating and French life so nothing here was new or life-changing but still interesting.  I didn't make any of the recipes but I enjoyed reading it.  3 Stars

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts by Jeni Britton Bauer
I love her ice cream recipes and have had this one sitting around for weeks after finishing it so I could make a few more recipes.  If you make ice cream then this is worth checking out.  4.5 Stars 

The Ice Cream Sandwiches Book by Donna Egan
Some pretty pictures and a few good ideas but I returned it without making any.  I guess I should have tried at least one?  But nothing super inspired me.  2.5 Stars

The Summer House by Hannah McKinnon
A family reunites at their summer beach house for what (might be) a last summer together.  Everyone has something going on (recently widowed, adoption problems, teenager problems) and things (mostly) work out by the end.  Fits right in with many other "New England summer" books I've read.  Enjoyable read and perfect for summer but kinda forgettable.  3 Stars

True Friends, Starry Night, Seventeen Wishes, A Time to Cherish, Sweet Dreams, A Promise is Forever by Robin Jones Gunn
I've read these books SO MANY TIMES.  Especially the last three.  We're talking 20-30 times, easily.  I can read them in an hour or so, partially because I have them half memorized at this point.  Even though I know how the whole series turns out I still get chills in the last few pages and I finish with a crazy happy grin.  These books hold a very special place in my heart (see: whole post about the 30+ epic series).  These are 20+ years old at this point and some of the references are super dated (there is a whole lot of faxing going on) but I still love them. 4-5 Stars, depending on the book.

Change Your Home, Change Your Life With Color: What's Your Color Story by Moll Anderson
This book had a lot of pretty pictures but I didn't get much out of it.  To summarize: use color boldly in your home.  This might be easier when your decorating budget is a whole lot more than mine (as hers very much seems to be).   I need a couch that will stick around for 10 years, not a statement piece that I'll want to change in 2!  But still, pretty pictures.  2.5 Stars

How to Make a French Family: A Memoir of Love, Food, and Faux Pas by Samantha Verant
I read her earlier book about how she reconnected with a young love after he wrote her 7 letters and then they had no contact for ~20 years.  Spoiler, they end up married in their late 30s/40s.  This is how she does with moving to France, becoming a step-mom to two kids (preteens), and adjusts to a whole new life.  Interesting but I'm also a sucker for "I changed my life and moved to ______" books, especially if they are set in France (especially especially Paris).  3.5 Stars

The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green
Oh man, this book.  I rolled my eyes more than once.  Starters - the cover is very pretty and summery but has NO relation to the plot.  Literally no connection.  I liked it a lot better than her Falling last summer but still, not my favorite of hers.  3 Stars

A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from my Kitchen Table by Molly Wizenberg
The author tells her life story through recipes and antidotes which isn't a new concept but it was a mostly enjoyable read.  Just don't look her up until the book is done, it kinda ruined the romance aspect of the book for me.  3 Stars

The Best of Adam Sharp by Graeme Simsion
Do not read this book.  I read it because I so enjoyed The Rosie Project but this was nothing like that.  The characters were unlikeable, they made questionable decisions, and there was a threesome.  I should have stopped reading at that point but it was about 50 pages from the end so I just saw it through.  And that might be a spoiler but if it keeps you from reading this book, then good.  .5 Star

What have you been reading?  What should I be reading?

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