Friday, October 6, 2017

Looking Back at September

Oh man, this month was a busy one.  Almost July busy.  A long lake weekend, home for 3 nights, another lake weekend.  A week of vacation prep, driving through the night, 5 nights in Florida, driving through the night, long run, a week at home with final race training and vacation recovery, and running my half.  WOW.  I was looking back at the beginning of September and that felt like FOREVER ago.  Spent 12 of the 30 nights not at home, I ran a whole bunch (in three states!), and nothing really got done around the house!  Now that it's October I feel like I can breathe a little, no more nights away for a long time, no more race training, time to settle in for fall.  It's wonderful.

1) My baby picks me flowers almost daily and it's so sweet.  Even when they come from our flower beds.
2) Sunset at the lake!
3) On my 10.25 mile run around the whole lake!  Where I could actually see the water for about ½ mile.
4) Ice cream at our favorite place in the town where my Grandparents lived, in town for a cousin wedding!
5) Sandbar one last time!
6) Sunset boat rides are almost as good as sunset jet ski rides.
7) Morning glories are still going strong!
8) At the lake, again. 
9) We were at the lake the one cold weekend all month, I wore pants the whole time, Luke, of course, wore shorts because pants are the enemy.
10) One last lake sunset for the year!
11) Hot drink, morning reading!
12) Jet skiing in jeans, sweatshirt, and shoes.  Because that's normal.
13) Teeny tiny bit of fall foliage coming through!
14) Training for his kids' marathon final mile!
15) A front steps sunrise!
16) Waiting in the start corrals for my race!  Finally more excited than nervous!

Books finished: 14 for the month, 152 for the year.
Things sewn: Yeah...I need to get back to that. 
Miles ran: 113.19.  And this month my goal is 25.  (YAY for my race being done!)
Currently watching:  We've been rewatching The Office forever, on season 7 right now.  I'm (slowly) rewatching Smash season 2.   Then our usual shows have mostly come back and, sadly, American Ninja Warrior is done.  That might be our favorite jointly watched show all year.
Most read post this month: Quick Lit  - September followed by Linen Closet: Organized.
Luke's current favorite song: It's still the "Thank You Song" aka "You're Welcome" from Moana. Now we all almost have it memorized.

Right now the most exciting part of fall is being home!  What are you looking forward to this fall?

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