Tuesday, November 21, 2017

{7} Things Saving Me Right Now

We are on the eve of a super busy time of the year.  Or a time of the year we can make really busy and stressful for ourselves.  Every year I am trying to simplify our holiday season or at least doing what I can to get things done in November so December can be mostly for wrapping presents (which I seriously love), baking (eating) cookies, time with family, and watching Christmas movies.  BUT, there is still a whole lot of group family time and things to do and shopping that needs done SO...7 things that are saving me right now.

1) Space heaters
Our old (80+ year old) house doesn't have the best insulation and, yes, we should have had more blown in 10 years ago but that never happened and so we make due with some strategically placed space heaters.  Namely: in the bathroom to make the "turning off the scalding hot water and being soaking wet and freezing cold" process much less painful.  (It also helps the mirrors not get fogged over.  Colder showers would probably also help with that but not the being cold part...).  Another in the basement for the first 5-10 minutes of my workout.  And one upstairs that we do run part of the night, largely due to the 4 year old who seems to kick off his blankets every single night.

2) Tea (hot and cold)
I've finished the last of my sweet tea from warmer fall days and now have moved to hot tea every quiet time while I read for a bit before blog work.  It might have a little caffeine but also just having something warm to drink is so cozy.

3) Reading, lots of reading
I'm always going to be reading a lot.  It's just a fact.  (Maybe not if we get those long waited for twins though...)  I read during quiet time.  I read while supervising bathtime.  I read once Luke is in bed.  I read before I go to sleep.  And sometimes, when I'm lucky, when Luke is playing nicely in another room too.  It's definitely needed recharge time for me.

4) Quiet time
It's rarely very quiet but it is so so needed.  Luke's even asked me if he could have longer quiet time!  So he doesn't dislike it nearly as much as the claims to.  I think it's great for both our moods in the afternoon and evenings.

5) Amazon Prime
I mean, who doesn't love this, ever?  It's not that needed right now because we still have plenty of time before the gift-giving begins but it's still realllllllly nice to order something and know it'll be here in 2 days.  So so handy.  AND, our credit card is giving us 5% back on all Amazon purchases this quarter so...that'll be some nice free orders next year.

6) Fleece lined leggings under jeans 
If I am wearing my tall boots, almost 99% chance I am wearing fleece lined leggings under them.  With knee-high socks.  My calves are SO WARM this time of year and I LOVE it.  Leggings under my pants are how I tolerate this cold weather.

7) Having a DVR
Seriously, I don't know how anyone watches tv without one.  Other than the Superbowl, we've watched very few commercials the last decade.  I can watch my shows on my schedule!  We have every single episode of Daniel Tiger and Curious George saved on there!  I highly recommend them, especially if you have a techy husband who can build and maintain one for you...  It's seriously one of the best purchases we've made in the last 10 years.  (And continue to make...we've certainly upgraded computer components since he made the first one!)

What's saving YOU right now?

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