Friday, November 24, 2017

Things I Like - November

My monthly round-up of 5 things I'm liking, with a few affiliate links sprinkled in.  Thanks for helping support the blog! =)  See more here!

Are you a Black Friday shopper?  We are, I'll definitely be at Target today, no matter their sales I always go today.  Matt and Luke will likely visit Lowes.  We REFUSE to go to any stores on Thanksgiving but internet shopping...yep...we did a bunch of that yesterday.  I know, the point of this weekend isn't the shopping (and we have another Thanksgiving celebration still coming) but I still really like it.  And giving thanks and time with family and all the things.  This is one of the best weekends of the year!!

1) Circle Round Podcast


I had heard a lot about audiobooks for kids but never knew where to start or if Luke would like them so I never pursued them.  Then we came across this podcast and I promptly subscribed...and then let 7-8 stories build up before we ever got around to listening to them.  I still wasn't sure what Luke would think.  Turns out, he LOVES them.  He calls them his "stories" and asks for them almost daily.  They are around 12-15 minutes and each is a folk story, most of which I've never heard.   We've listened while doing puzzles or cleaning up his room after quiet time or when coloring.  He has a few favorites (#2 "The dragon story" and #3 "The salt one") that we've listened to many times.  I'm more confident he could handle audiobooks now, if only I could figure out which ones...

2) Dutch Oven

I never had one of these until recently and always just used a saucepan when a recipe would mention using one.  Then I spotted one in the Aldi ad a couple weeks ago and it was blue and $30 and blue...really the color is what sold me.  (I am MUCH more inclined towards anything blue.)  It sat on the counter almost 2 weeks because I wasn't sure if I really needed one but then I bit the bullet and used it...and then again...and again.  Turns out, I have many uses for one and it sure beats some of our double hand me down pots.  I haven't needed to put it in the oven yet but I like that I could.  And it's blue.  Of course, once I got one I started seeing them every year and I'm pretty happy with my $30 one.

3) Heated Mattress Pad

This is SUCH a HUGE favorite for me November-March.  We've had one since the early years of marriage and used to sleep with it on low all night because we'd turn the heat in the house super cold.  That doesn't work so well with a kid who doesn't stay under blankets so we turn the mattress pad off at night (since the house is warmer) but I do use it to warm up the bed which is SO NICE.  I turn it on when we're putting Luke to bed so by the time we make it there a few hours later it's nice and toasty and it makes me so happy, every single night.  It's amazing how much I look forward to going to bed when it's cold when I know a super warm bed is waiting for me.  (This is the updated version of the one we have.  It's so worth it.)

4) The Office

We recently finished our 9 season rewatch of The Office and I, have to admit, got a little choked up during the final episode.  We had watched most of the show when it original aired and I did a 1-8 season rewatch right before the 9th (and final) season started airing but other than watching the Christmas episodes every December, I hadn't watched much of it since it went off the air.  And there are plenty of rocky moments (pretty much all of season 8) but it is still so so enjoyable.  I think Matt laughed more on the rewatch than he did when we first watched it.  It's like Friends where almost everyone has heard of it, most people have seen at least some of it, it holds up well, even years later.  It was very satisfying to watch again.

(This might be my first repeated like, in over 5 years of doing these posts.  But it's been over 4 years so I think it's ok.)

5) Cable-Knit Bootie Slippers

I already had two pairs of slippers but I never liked how either looked with skinny jeans or leggings (which is pretty much what I wear all winter with riding boots) so I'd end up wearing my boots around the house all the time and I wasn't a big fan of that either (both dirt wise and wearing out my boots wise).  Enter these and problems are solved!!  They makes me feel more put together than my old slippers (which I still wear with yoga pants around the house) and Luke has complimented me on them multiple times.  Super comfy, super warm (SO IMPORTANT to me in the winter).  I may wear them out by the end of winter with almost daily use but I am ok with that.  My feet are rather happy right now!

What have YOU been liking lately?

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