Thursday, February 1, 2018

{7} Things Saving Me This Winter

We are halfway through the calendar winter, 2/3 through what I think of as winter (December - February).  I actually don't mind parts of winter, largely the "I get to spend a lot of time at home" part, organizing, reading, and just relaxing.  BUT, if I have to go outside and the roads are slick or it's a windchill 50° below freezing...I'm not a fan.  Linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to share a few things saving me right now:

1) Fluffy Socks
I am wearing a pair of these right now and they make my feet so happy.  I bought 2 pairs a year ago and loved them.  Asked for another 2 pairs for Christmas, got them.  Then ordered myself another 4 pairs.  They are cozy, warm, and I can still fit them under my fleece lined leggings/jeans/riding boots combo I wear outside most of this time of year.  I decided I don't need to be wearing holey socks in my mid-30s and my feet are so much happier with these.

2) Not making show choices

Decision fatigue is a real thing and I really like not having to think sometimes.  My husband and I have been rewatching Lost for awhile and it's SO nice not having to think about what to turn on in the evenings.  It's just the next episode.  I've been rewatching Smash myself and, again, it's so nice not thinking about it.  It's just what's next.

3) The Start of Quiet Time

Our son is 4 and stopped naps long ago but we still do quiet time every day and when he's finally in his room with Legos and a story podcast and I get to sit on the couch with a book and hot tea...those minutes might be among my favorite of the day.  No matter how crazy and busy our morning is, knowing I have some time to sit and read and just relax, it's wonderful.

4) Olympics

I know, these don't start for another week but I am pretty excited about it.  We'll DVR the whole thing and then fast forward through whatever isn't interesting.  Amazing how quick we become arm chair experts on sports we haven't given a thought to in 4 years.

5) Being Inspired

I am constantly trying to improve how I use my time, be a better wife, mom, person.  Be more organized, simplify our lives, just improve the life I'm living.  I've been so inspired by podcasts, blogs, and even Instagram lately that it feels like a mini-education in life.  I just find so much of it educational and makes me excited to keep striving towards my best life.

6) Fresh Flowers

I have quite a few potted plants giving our home a little life (along with the resident 4 year old) but I've started buying myself flowers when I do my big grocery run ever other week and it makes me so excited.  I almost carry them room to room with me so I can see them often.  They brighten up the space and adds a little color, especially nice when outside can be so many shades of white and grey.

7) Days I Don't Leave the House
Because, honestly, I just like being at home in the winter.  We rarely leave the house on Friday and I LOVE knowing that no matter how busy the start of the week is, we get Friday to just be home, let my son sleep as late as he wants, no rushing to get out of the house.  It's just the best.  If we are lucky there might be one, maybe two, other days during the week we have no plans but at least I always know we have Fridays at home.

What's getting YOU through the winter?   

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