Friday, February 2, 2018

Looking Back at January

We're 1/12th of the way through 2018 already!  And I am mostly remembering to write (or type) 2018 so that feels like a pretty big accomplishment.  Going through pictures this month proved that we were hermits.  I left the house as little as possible and it's wonderful.  I'm starting to get a little itchy for spring with warmer temps and such but also, it's nice to be a hermit once in awhile too. 

1) 9:30 on January 1st, still in bed reading while both my boys were still asleep.  I think we were all pretty happy starting the year this way!
2) The last few days of Christmas, already this feels like a long time ago!
3) Snow!  It's so pretty, especially from inside...
4) Packing away Christmas!
5) I've purged a lot but still have a decent snowman collection.
6) Which might be rivaled by my fake tree collection.
7) Getting ready to fill the shelves for the first time and I sorted out all my possible decor: books (by color), glassware, picture frames, etc.  It was quite enjoyable.
8) Playing happily with Legos, in footie jammies, even when it was almost lunchtime.  We all have our ways of staying warm!
9) Beautiful sunset!
10) Hey! More snow!  Kinda miss this when we're back to the dreary/overcast/muddy parts of winter!
11) Snowflake and snow.
12) Luke told me he took this picture of my flowers "so you would remember them before they all die." 
13) Frozen coke, combos, a book, and a blanket.  My Sunday quiet time happy place.
14) Coloring nicely with cousins!
15) Getting in my first run of the year!  It was painful and just reiterated how much better shape I was in 3 months ago. 
16) Of course we bought the clearance BB-8 sweatshirt. 

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Books finished: 18!  All the ones on my January plan as well as a few more!

Things added to the garage sale pile: Oh my, over a hundred.  Did a whole house purge I'll plan to write more about later.  But there was a lot of getting rid of things this month.

Miles ran: 2.22!  Anything I can run between November and February feels like a huge win!

Currently watching: Together we're still working through Lost (on season 4!).  Bummed when they took it off Netflix but we also already owned all the if switching to a different tv input is that hard...  I finished Smash and working on Valentine's Day episodes!
Most read post this month: Quick Lit, as always, then Favorite {Grown-Up} Reads of 2017.
Luke's current favorite song: He's really been back into VeggieTales lately, he says his favorite is "God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man".  

And that's a wrap on January!  What were YOUR highlights??

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