Thursday, February 2, 2017

8 Things Saving Me This Winter

We are at the half way point of winter. YAY!  In some ways, it's getting easier, days are getting longer and the promise of spring is almost in the air.  On the other hand, we could easier have snow for another 2 months and I have a little boy who really would like to have snow for another two months (His first winters when he was too small to play in it, we had tons of snow all the time.  Now this winter and last...hardly any.  He's disappointed with vague memories of sledding.)   Linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to share a few things that are saving me this winter:

1) Painting my nails
I've had them painted almost constantly since Christmas.  I take off polish and repaint within hours.  It's a little thing that makes me happy. (That's baklava in the picture, the last piece.  I like documenting when we finish various Christmas treats...)

2) Morning workouts
I rarely jump out of bed in the morning, especially when it's cold.  I frequently just want to go back to bed.  But, Monday-Friday, I make myself workout right away and by the end I'm warm, awake, and feeling much more prepared to take on the day.

3) Dark chocolate macadamia nuts
I first shared my love of these YEARS ago, in my very first "Things I Like" post.  They are one of those things I'll eat a lot of in a few weeks and then not again for months.  I got 4 bags for Christmas and have been eating them since, now, sadly, on my last bag.  It's totally healthy snacking because they have nuts in them.  (Also best right out of the freezer, FYI.)

4) Puzzles
I used to do puzzles, back before Luke.  They were a good way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon with a movie in the background.  I don't think I had done one since but watching him get so into his Firefighter (and now a tractor puzzle too) puzzle inspired me to finally do some of the ones I've had for years but never got to.  Also, he's now big enough to not mess with them.  Also, still a good way to get through my "movies I want to watch but haven't made the time for" list (currently watching Room). 

5) Morning showers with the door close
I've been pretty successful this winter on getting my workout and shower done before Luke is awake which is good on many levels.  Since he's still in bed, I shut the bathroom door, turn on the space heater and a podcast or music, and actually get through my shower pretty quick since I'm not dreading the freezing cold when I turn off my super hot water.  It's amazing at how much of a difference that has made to my morning routine and shower lengths.  I actually look forward to my solo ~30 minutes in the bathroom every morning.

6) Reading good books
I've been on a pretty good book streak lately, giving 9 of the 15 books I've read this year a rating or 4 or 5 stars.  I've read a few duds and a few that were just average too but for the most part I've been reading good, enjoyable books.  It's nice to be really excited to open the next one!

7) Purple SweeTarts
Cartwheel got me to buy these with a 20% off deal and I knew Matt loves we ended up with two bags.  I've told Matt (and Luke) I get all the purples.  I don't want to admit how many I've eaten this week.  I realize this is the second candy entry on this list.  I might be eating my adoption feelings.  No judging.

8) The Squirrel Game

I know.  I just mentioned this but it is a wonderful way for some family time and to get Luke (mostly) settled down at night between bath and bedtime.  Or to spend some time with him in the mornings.  Basically, we play it often and it's good for all of us, in so many ways!

What is saving you this winter, besides the distant promise of spring?

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