Friday, February 16, 2018

Things I Like - February

My monthly round-up of 5 things I'm liking, with a few affiliate links sprinkled in.  Thanks for helping support the blog! =)  See more here!

1) Invisibobble
These are almost life changing.  They are hair bands that don't leave a mark!  Since we're in the season (winter) where I only wash my hair twice a week but still workout on every weekday mornings, I need something to do with my hair so it's not in my face.  These are the perfect solution!  They keep my hair back without leaving that dreaded crease and while I still usually touch up my hair each morning with the straightener, these aren't the cause!  I don't know that they would be tight enough to keep my hair up while running but if it's warm enough to run it's warm enough for me to be washing my hair more often so that's fine.  Very functional and pretty inexpensive!  Highly recommend (they come in multiple colors.)

2) Blue Sweater
I don't know why I didn't own a sweater in this shade of blue for so much of my life.  I have navy.  I have plenty of gray.  But I didn't have a true blue which is crazy when it's my favorite color and I have so many other clothing items in this shade (at least 4 dresses).  I thought it would be too much blue with regular jeans?  Which is CRAZY because I don't believe in such a thing as too much blue.  Mine was a ThredUp purchase and I am so so pleased with it.  I want to wear it basically every day.  And such a nice change from the usual neutrals in my closet this time of year.  (I'm wearing it here!)

3) Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Combos

How have I never mentioned these???  They are my favorite salty snack, so much that we can only buy the snack bags because I will eat a full regular sized bag in one sitting.  We buy 18 count boxes  at GFS for about $8 and they are SO worth it.  Matt and I each have one bag ever Sunday afternoon and they are such a staple that Matt did an emergency run to GFS on a Saturday evening when we realized we didn't have any for the next day.  (Usually we'll only do emergency grocery stops for milk and sometimes not even then.)  I LOVE these.

4) Women's Work podcast
I've been listening to Tsh's The Simple Show for about as long as I've been listening to podcasts and so I immediately subscribed to her new show, Women's Work.  She's interviewing women in a variety of fields, the only requirements being that they have to be a woman and have to love their job.  It's SO interesting hearing about other people's lives and jobs.  There are only a few episodes so far but I've really enjoyed them all (but especially #2 about Annie Jones who runs a book store).

5) Smash

This first aired back in 2012-2013 and I enjoyed it then and was reminded of that when I recently finished a rewatch of the whole (2 season) series.  It's about the making of a Broadway show (or two) in New York, which, hello, New York.  That's an instant grab for me.  But also, Broadway.  It's so much more complicated than I expected and even though this is the dramatized version...there's just a lot to it.  Of course some people do some not great things and etc. but overall I find it pretty enjoyable.  So much that I started looking at Broadway tickets for our upcoming trip...and quickly cancled that when I saw the cost ($462 for the 3 of us...that would take a significant portion of our trip budget and I don't think I can convince Matt & Luke to give up eating for 3 days instead...).  So I'll have to settle for watching about it on tv.  There's a lot of fun songs that have gotten a lot of play from me in the last 5 years.  I'll rewatch it again some day. 

What have YOU been liking lately?

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