Friday, March 9, 2018

{5} Friday Thoughts

 It's been awhile since I did one of these random thought posts, so here we go!

1) I mentioned the podcast Women's Work in my last Things I Like post and then, after writing that post, episode #6 downloaded and it was with Katie Davis Major, an author I have really enjoyed.  I was delighted!  Her first book, Kisses from Katie was how, after high school, she gave up her pretty normal American life to move to Uganda and adopted 13 daughters, as well as started an organization that aimed to keep families together.  Her second book, Daring to Hope was about struggles she's faced in her time there and working on trusting God through it all.  I'd highly recommend both books and the podcast episode.

2) Matt and I have both been fan sleepers, since childhood.  We need a fan on to sleep and will take one on any trip we drive for (we're not crazy enough to pack one in airplane or Amtrak luggage).  We've had a fan in Luke's room since he was a baby but it recently broke and it took us a week or two to order a replacement.  Which means he was sleeping without the noise of a fan.  Every time I went in his silent room and saw him asleep, I was shocked and amazed.  How could he sleep without a fan?!?!?!

3) The Olympics are over and it's worth noting that there might not be any better time to have a DVR.  Ours was set to record it all - over 90 hours on regular NBC.  But the beauty of the DVR is that we could fast forward through anything not interesting and catch events that aired in the middle of the night or during the day.  It was wonderful.  We didn't watch nearly 90 hours worth but did at least see most of that in fast forward (and we still watched a lot).  We watched most Americans in most finals (skipped a lot of qualifier rounds). 

4) My favorites: downhill slopestyle skiing.  Matt's favorite: ski or snowboard cross.  Luke's favorite: not the Olympics.  (Again, I don't get this.)  (The picture is my skis over the snow park while riding a chair lift...the closest I'll get to doing tricks.)

5) I finally took Luke to storytime!  It was on my 18 in 2018 list and it was an easy enough one to check off the list and so it happened.  A month before Luke turns 5.  I'm super timely.  And Luke was NOT into it.  It was Peter Rabbit themed and they hinted there was going to be a guest at the end.  It was a person in a Peter Rabbit costume.  I think Luke would have been more excited if it was an actual rabbit.  But he has been asking when we can go again so not a complete loss.

That's it, 5 random thoughts!  Happy Friday!!

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