Friday, April 27, 2018

Things I Like - April

My monthly round-up of 5 things I'm liking, with a few affiliate links sprinkled in.  Thanks for helping support the blog! =)  See more here!

We are almost two months into this parenting two thing and I feel like we are FINALLY, almost, most days, finding our footing.  Still not sleeping enough at night (and naps are pretty much out of the question with an active 5 year old) and life still feels crazy most of the time, but we're figuring out a routine and I feel like I can breathe a little bit again.  Which is why I can actually post twice this week!  I feel so accomplished.

That being said, it was a STRUGGLE to come up with five things this month.  Newborn time isn't ideal for shopping and trying new things, outside of formula and diapers.  We've certainly spent plenty on those but I'm hard pressed to come up with much else, besides groceries.  But here we go!

1) Chompers Podcast

I've recommended so many podcasts, this is even my 3rd kid one!  It's twice a day, for a little over 3 minutes and it's for teeth brushing.  They tell jokes or facts about related topics (Luke reallllly liked the "gross" week ones) and also tell kids when to switch sides of their mouth, when to switch top to bottom, and when to spit.  Teeth brushing has gotten SO MUCH easier with this!!

2) Dove Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel
I am (almost) always all in on dark chocolate.  Throw in some caramel and sea salt?  Yes please.  It's not the fanciest chocolate but it was relatively inexpensive and satisfied by afternoon chocolate craving well.  I may have hid the bag from Matt and (definitely) Luke until it was mostly gone...

3) Amazon Prime and Target 2 Day Shipping

Did you know Target will even ship groceries to your house?  FOR FREE?!?!?!  I'm assuming it's just pantry shelf items (they aren't going to be shipping milk or ice cream) but when we needed cereal and I had forgotten to have Matt buy canned fruit at Aldi (which we eat a lot of in the winter when nothing is fresh and cheap) and I needed more tea...I placed an order on and I had a box of groceries here 48 hours later.  I was delighted.  Then did it again a few days later to buy disposable plates and napkins for baptism.  I could have saved a tiny bit with Cartwheel by going into the store BUT...WORTH IT not having to drag two boys there.  Saved so much time and stress in exchange.

Like wise, we've been making good use of our Amazon Prime in the last two months.  Basically, internet shopping is saving my sanity.  I don't know how Moms got by without it.

4) LetterBoard
I feel like a major bandwagon jumper but I have been so delighted with this purchase (/gift, which Matt got me for Easter but I clearly picked out).  I've been following Letterfolk on Instagram for years and really have been wanting one of their boards (I believe they are the first to bring these back)...but theirs are pricey.  So this less than $30 Amazon substitute is working for me!  I used it for Sam's one month pictures, Luke's birthday...and, that might be it so far.  I have a newborn!  But it is fun. 


This felt like a really long winter, even with March largely passing in a blur.  But we've had some really nice days lately, been opening windows and playing outside.  It's SO refreshing and reinvigorating after all the cold and snow!  We did some (minor) yard work last night to start getting things cleaned up and ready for the nicer weather.  It's just been so so lovely.  Now if I could just fit in a few more runs...

What have YOU been liking lately?

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