Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Day in the Life #8 (Luke 5, Sam 2 months)

So life has changed a little since the last time I did one of these!  About 6 months ago when we had half as many children...  We are already 2 months into parenting 2 and I am still delighted every time I get to talk about kidS.  It's so exciting (something to remember when I just want to sleep at 3am but a baby is insisting he needs to eat).

We typically babysit my niece on Mondays (and by WE, I mean Luke does most of the work, at least entertaining her wise) but this week my sister didn't work which meant no babysitting.  So this isn't a typical Monday but it is fairly typical for a day we are home all day, which is, sadly, rare.  Who says stay at home Moms stay home??

I say this every time but I really do like going back and reading old ones of these.  Reminder that life is changing even when it feels very much the same (except, this time doesn't feel very much the same at all!).

Monday, April 30th, 2018
4:00am - Sam wakes up after sleeping 6+ hours!  This is the longest he's even slept and so it was super exciting.  Matt's night to feed him, I barely heard them and was back asleep.
5:00am - Matt is back in our room with a baby who doesn't want to sleep.  I take over rocking Sam while Matt goes back to bed.
5:30am - I get Sam down and go to bed.
6:15am - Our alarms start.  Matt is up about 15 minutes later.
6:50am - I get up, make the bed, change into workout clothes, take Sam, my water, phone, and post-shower clothes downstairs.  Talk to Matt before he leaves, refill my water bottle, take morning meds.

7:15am - Since Sam ate recently he goes right back to sleep in the napper so I workout (usually I have to feed him before working out).  For years I did this in the basement but now do upstairs on the main tv because it's less hauling a baby and napper around.

7:45am - Workout done, feed Sam while checking e-mail and watching some of Center Stage.  I watched that movie SO MANY TIMES at the end of my senior year of high school.
8:15am - Luke is up and joins Sam and I on the couch for morning cuddles, telling me about his dreams, smooshing Sam.
8:35am - Sam is settled after eating, Luke and I have breakfast together.  Cereal, pretty much always.  I refill by pill box for the week, put away dishes from the drainer.
8:50am - Luke is tasked with keeping an eye on Sam while I shower and get around.  Which means checking on them multiple times once I'm out and dressed.  Start a load of laundry.

9:45am - Sit on the stairs with Sam to get him to fall asleep.  Get a snack for Luke.  Do some house cleaning.

10:30am - Sam is awake, I hold him while I eat my snack (one of these muffins).

10:45am - Get Sam down for another "nap", get back to housework while Luke plays Legos.

11:00am - I had been dusting and swiffering upstairs, come downstairs to find Luke had drug Sam out of Matt's office (where S had been napping) to be next to him.  Shockingly, Sam was awake (although still in the napper). 

11:20am - I switch laundry, get a bottle for Sam, and we feed him on the porch while reading a stack of books to Luke.

Noon - Switch laundry, Luke keeps asking to scrub the tub so I, obviously, let him.  Put out first batch of sun tea for the year.  I feed Sam.

Photo by Luke's request
12:30pm - I make lunch for Luke and myself.
12:45pm - Luke and I eat while Sam watches from the napper.
1:05pm - Work on letters with Luke while getting Sam to sleep.
1:30pm - Read a story to Luke and get him down to quiet time.
1:50pm - Back downstairs and make myself a dessert (graham crackers with some of this frosting, which I purposely made extra of when making for Luke's birthday).  Finish listening to a podcast episode while cleaning up the kitchen.
2:15pm - Read on the porch with ice tea.  Super relaxing.  Warm enough to have windows open!!

2:30pm - Sam is awake and I feed him while checking Instagram.
2:50pm - I read a little more of my book while holding Sam.
3:05pm - Sam does some floor time while I work on my computer.  I rarely turn it on over the weekend so I have e-mails to catch-up, photos to sort through, and books to review.  I had a couple orders I had been meaning to place - pictures, jeans, ThredUp.  Take care of all of that.  Part of it while holding a fussy baby who I, eventually get to sleep.  Switch diapers in the laundry.  Scan various documents for our new insurance, all sorts of boring things to take care of.
4:20pm - Computer off, check Luke's room to see if he's cleaned it post quiet time.  Clean up his Legos from the morning.
4:40pm - Walk down to the meat market to get meat for tacos.  It's beautiful out so we take the (slightly) long way home and Luke is delighted to "show Sam the world!".  Talk to our neighbors briefly when we get back home.

5:30pm - Home, Luke is playing in the backyard.  I feed Sam.

6:15pm - Sam does some floor time next to me while I fold some towels and match Luke's clean socks.

6:30pm - Matt is finally on his way home (new job has been a lot of late nights) and I brown the taco meat while holding a fussy baby. 
6:40pm - Sam is down for a nap, repot a plant with Luke.
6:50pm - Matt is home, we eat tacos, clean-up and get Luke in the tub.  Sam is up and needs changed, I change into my evening clothes (yoga pants and a t-shirt). 
7:25pm - Matt is supervising bath, I work on photobooks while holding a fussy Sam (from this post it sounds like he's fussy a lot....). 
8:05pm - Luke and I (and Sam) watch a couple old videos of Luke on my computer.
8:10pm - Everybody upstairs for prayers, story, and then I lay with Luke for ~5 minutes and talk to him about our day.
8:30pm - I am back downstairs, go over the insurance paperwork with Matt, pack diaper bag for the next morning (double doctor appointments with shots for the boys! Fun!).  Move the planter onto the porch with Matt.  Then Matt feeds Sam while watching some Netflix.
8:50pm - I read a little of my book and text my sisters.
9:15pm - Matt and I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine while folding our own laundry.
9:45pm - Matt bathes Sam while I put away my laundry and get my clothes out for the next day.  Then I take over getting him dressed and giving him his last bottle while Matt takes care of his laundry. 
10:30pm - I am in bed and read before lights out just before 11.  With all his outside time Luke was asleep before 9 which is a minor miracle.  And Sam is asleep too!  Feels like a minor win when they both go to sleep easily!

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