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Spring/Summer 2018 Clothes List

Through all my years of blogging and the hundreds of posts I've written, I've learned that I like the internet holding me accountable.  Or apps holding me accountable.  I need something to hold me accountable.  This is often our budget but it's also nice knowing I'll be checking in here twice a year and admitting what I've bought, how many items I've gone over.  I have been getting slightly better every season!  I know nobody really cares if I go over helps me manage my shopping!

Also, with my semi-blogging break these last 2 months, I've realized how much I like writing!  Baby tending takes more time than I remember (or maybe it's also parenting the other kid along with a baby) and life has gotten a little crazy.  I don't have the time to write that I did for many years but I do always enjoy it once I get back to it!

I do a lot of shopping on ThredUp and will be mentioning it often, my original post about it back here!

As, always with these lists, first checking in with how I did on my fall/winter list!

1) Grey Jeans
I bought so many pairs of these (ok, maybe 3) and looked on the internet so many times (because I buy about 5% of my clothes in store) and never found good options, at least in my price range.   Light enough grey to not be black.  Good fit.  Not black on the inside (which was my problem with the Old Navy Rockstars, couldn't roll them!).  I'd especially like grey jeans to wear with all my navy tops in the winter (since white jeans don't seem practical with all the snow and slush).  I'll be keeping my eye out.

2) Tan Sweater
I bought one on impulse 18 months ago that I really liked.  Then it shrunk (Old Navy problems).  I did buy one that I pictured in my fall post...then ended up selling it back to ThredUp (I've done that to too many items in the past 5).  So, this one didn't work out either!

3) Grey Sweater

Making up for the first two strike outs by doubling up on this one!  First one is Madewell from ThredUp which I wore a few times but not my ideal for every day (I do still have it).  Second is Old Navy and I wore it almost weekly, still in rotation with this cold spring! 

4) Black, closed-toe heels

Bought these from Target and they are comfortable (for heels) and I wore them about as much as I could wear heels in the winter (so, like twice).  First talked about them back here, happy with this purchase.

5) Stretchy Jeans
A replacement item for my everyday winter jeans that I can wear leggings under.  These are from Target, a version of the same ones that wore out on me (after a lot of wear over 3 years, and I still wear the originals-worn-out-in-the-knees around home). 

6) 2ish Sweaters

Three is 2ish, right??  These are all ThredUp.  The two blue ones are different blue ones.  I've been wearing A LOT of sweaters the last couple months, have definitely gotten my money worth out of these.


Down to 6!!  I'm doing so much better!

Cable-Knit Bootie Slippers | Target cable-knit sweater |  Denizen from Levi black jeans
Old Navy LOVE sweatshirt | leopard flats | Green Banana Republic dress (ThredUp)

The slippers have gotten almost daily wear this winter (more here).  I've talked fondly of that LOVE sweatshirt already (here).  Black jeans to wear with leggings like the regular ones above.  And the green dress was for Sam's baptism, something we didn't expect to be happening and I think warranted a new dress!

NOW, spring/summer 2018!

1) Navy wedges
Might be the third time they've been on my list and I have YET to find any in my price range.  They will be here until I do!

2) Grey/silver flats
My current pair gets A LOT of wear, especially in the spring and fall and they are really showing it.  They need replaced.

3) Grey Joggers
Maybe.  I've seen fashion bloggers style these for nicer wear but, really, I just want some lazy pants for cooler summer evenings when I don't quite need yoga pants but shorts aren't enough.  These have been sitting in my Old Navy cart for awhile, waiting for a sale.

4) Denim Jacket
Again, maybe.  I think I am at least convinced to try one.  Also have an Old Navy one sitting in my cart. 

5) 2ish t-shirts

Because this is what I wear a lot in the summer.  Already bought this J. Crew one from ThredUp.

6) 2ish tank tops
Because this is what I wear a lot in the summer when it's actually hot.  Already bought this J. Crew one from ThredUp too.

7) A Sundress
Also ready bought this (ThredUp, of course).  You may notice I've been on a blue streak lately...and also my whole life.

8) Everyday Skinny Jeans

I really don't like having separate summer and winter (can fit leggings under them) jeans but I also really like staying warm in the winter.  I want my everyday skinnies to be long enough to roll and I have a distressed pair I really like but I don't always want distressed.  So a new pair of skinnies, long enough to roll, no holes.  (I have an option being delivered tomorrow!)

That's all I plan to buy for this spring/summer!  A longer list than usual (I think I average about 6 planned items).  We'll see how well I stick to it!  I do really like making these lists (which also live on the notes app on my phone).  It helps me stick to what I "need" to fill closet holes or remember items I think need replaced.

I'm obviously not perfect at sticking to it but they have really helped me cut down the impulse shopping.  Plus, I always appreciate a review back at what I did buy over the last ~6 months and how those items worked out!  Slowly helping me perfect my shopping!

What about you?  Do you keep a list and (kinda) stick to it?  What clothes items are you looking at for spring/summer?

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