Friday, May 25, 2018

Things I Like - May

My monthly round-up of 5 things I'm liking, with a few affiliate links sprinkled in.  Thanks for helping support the blog! =)  See more here!

I feel like I've done a lot of shopping lately.  Or a lot of spending lately.  But turns out that's mostly been our New York trip and baby necessities.   And I'm still working on New York posts and baby things aren't the most exciting to write about.  Although one still made the list.  But it's not something new.  And we didn't even buy it in the first place.

1) Magnum Bars
I've written about these before and they are still amazing.   We buy the mini size because they are cheaper and less calories.  I think they are the perfect treat after a hard day of working outside or for a special occasion.  We rarely buy regular ice cream (since I make so much of it in the summer) but these are one of the few exceptions.  Super rich and so so good.  Definitely worth a try if you like chocolate (and if you don't...who are you???) and ice cream.

2) Newborn Napper
This is technically a "Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper" but we've always called ours "the napper".  It was a surprise gift for baby Luke and I am surprised at how much use we've gotten out of it!  We don't have a bouncy seat or swing, this takes care of both of those!  It's small enough to haul all over the house (and even to the lake!) but high enough to keep Sam off the ground.  It's easy to rock with my foot but not too low to bend over and get him.  He's taken almost all of his naps in it so far (sleeping in it right now!).  He'll outgrow it before the end of summer but for these first 4-5 months it's in constant use.  Fantastic gift.  (Pictured is the one we have which isn't motorized or have music. I've linked to the cheapest one I easily found.)

3) Read-Aloud Revival
I listen to enough podcasts that I should stop looking for new ones...and yet I am always finding new ones to add to my feed.  I shared a recent episode that I enjoyed here but everyone I've listened to has been fantastic.   She encourages you to read outloud to your kids, even when they might be able to read for themselves.  There are episodes dedicated to book lists, author interviews, etc.  I try to read many books to Luke a week but is great encouragement to add more reading time!  (I've also heard that her book with the same name is fantastic but the library list is, so far, too long for me to dedicate any of my 5 precious holds to it!)

4) A Quiet Place
For nine years now Matt & I have gone to the drive-in to celebrate our wedding anniversaryThat usually coincides with seeing the latest Marvel movie (this year we saw Avengers: Infinity War) which works out because we usually want to see those anyways.  This time the second movie was A Quiet Place which I was a little apprehensive about.  I do NOT watch scary movies.  In any form.  I thought parts of Stranger Things were too scary.  But then I heard this was no worse than that and I got through it so ok.  And it was tense at times but certainly not as scary or horror-like as the trailer and posters made it out to be.  I liked their family dynamic and how much you could tell they (pretend) loved each other.  Despite the slight scariness, there was much I appreciated seeing on screen.

5) Paper-Mate Flairs - Tropical Vacation
I started (casually) bullet journaling at the beginning of the year and these have been the only pens I've used so far!  The colors are fun, they write really well and don't bleed through the page.  I keep meaning to blog about bullet journaling and how I've found it useful...but it keeps getting pushed back (babies take time...I'm typing this one handed while holding one...).  But these have been a winner.

What have YOU been liking lately?

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